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Summer Games Fest hidden gems


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Here's a thread for games that might be worth a look within the glut of showcases/announcements.

Beneath Oresa - Another turn based card battling game (Rogue-like?).  It's the presentation here that truly makes it stand out.



Verge World - 3D on-rails flight shooter, which we don't see enough of.  I don't love the aesthetic, but it could be cool.



Poinpy - Mobile game from the creator of Downwell, who famously was hired by Nintendo (then left).

Wanted: Dead - Want a new cheesy PS2-era character action game from Japan?  Here you go :)
Comes from ex Ninja-Gaiden staff... but could be another Devil's Turd.



River City Saga: Three Kingdoms - Everyone is talking about TMNT for good reason, but it's not the only classic brawler coming back.


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