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Fight stick recommendations for PS5 / PC?


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You guys use a fight stick? Feel like they help you significantly with pulling off moves? Find them more fun to use vs a controller? 

It seems like when I watch some of the bigger tourneys a lot of the pros seem to prefer a controller. I have been playing a little Tekken and the simultaneous presses have been difficult for me to pull off. 

Wondering what the general consensus is on the usefulness of them anymore I guess… 

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I use it for certain games but I grew up on sticks. If you havent used one regularly dont expect some massive improvement over night, sticks take a lot practice . Tekken is one is use it on because I play wavu wavu characters and find it easier. What system are you playing on and did you have a particular stick you were looking at ?


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I think fight sticks are useful if you're used to using them. If you've never used one then it's going to take a lot of getting used to. I'd recommend a fight pad instead. It's less of an investment and something more familiar.


Something like this is quite nice. I have the PC/Xbox version



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