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Mario Strikers: Battle League?


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Whos excited about this game coming very soon? It looks really fun, especially if we here folks from the forum can play each other? Whos going to get this release day and who's waiting for a price drop {Yea right, like that EVER happens!!} I'm HardAct on Switch add me if you want to practice kicking below average gamer ass {ME OF COURSE!} and not me mind in the least? Also looking for a Mario Cart 8 group too. I just recently Rebought the game after waiting as long as I could for a sale. That never really happened and I bought it for 59.99 plus the New courses@29.99 even though I had the Online plus membership that gives subscribers the new tracks free. I bought them anyway knowing that I might let the yearly subscription laps parodically. Anyway D1P's who on board?

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5 hours ago, GameDadGrant said:

I'll be picking this game up, but not sure how much time I'll put into it, personally. Despite owning all of the Mario soccer titles, I've never actually played one. 

I don't judge, how could I.

   Absolutely could not wait to get the Series X and the PS5 and now that I have them both I don't touch them {Well the XsX I have played a few games}. It's stupid! I even bought 2nd controllers, both systems have expended storage [PS5 a 2Tb & 300 dollar m.2 drive and XsX a 1Tb $219 proprietary drive] the PS5 Internal storage is nearly full and I haven't even played the PS5 more than 2 hours and that was Returnal [which I was REALLY enjoying by the way] but stopped non the less! 


   That said, I have never played any Mario themed sports games except Mario Golf,,, Mario Kart and Mario party. Strikers looks pretty fun though and I'm going to jump on it and check it out. Bought Torchlight II on Switch Tuesday and really enjoying that this week. I have it on Steam but seems better suited for portable play.


   Looking forward to playing Mario strikers with some of you here!


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