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Does anyone like hear through shit on earbuds?


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I don't see the point.


Either I'm hearing some garbled shit that makes me pull me buds out because I heard someone, which happened anyway, or it just makes whatever I'm listening to sound like garbled shit because hear through is on. Either way, I don't get it. Who is this for?


It feels like typical tech industry creating solutions to non existent problems.


And before someone says something about jogging or whatever, being able to hear background noise isn't going to do anything if I'm blasting Eskimo Callboy while I'm jogging.

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5 minutes ago, Ominous said:

I don't wear earbuds. I wear Aftershokz if I'm working out since they won't fall out and you can hear what is going on or I wear actual headphones that go over your ear. Don't know how anyone can wear buds that you stick into your ear. 

I've mad many different ones that stick into your ear, even through exercise. Some better than others.

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I wear this for fitness: Bose 

Battery life could be better, but I like the stringed together ones because they occasionally fly off during a kettlebell swing and I'd rather not have an individual one get lost. With these they will hang to the other ear, get caught in my hoodie, or fall onto my shoulders instead of ending up somewhere on the gym floor. 


For work I have an Astro Headset (was a gift) but I hate wearing it, it's super heavy but my other earbuds/phones with a mic don't reach my PC. 

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