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Xbox Acquisitions Rumors


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So there are a few rumors coming out about Microsoft's potential acquisitions.  A few seem far more "solid" than others.


These 3 studios have been rumored for the last few weeks.  



1 - IO Interactive, they are working on a new AAA IP for Microsoft, and supposedly may have bee acquired in the process.

2 - Avalanche Studios Group - Group of 3 studios, Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reactions.  Rumored to be working on a AAA IP for Microsoft as well, and acquired in the process.

3 - Crytek - This has been mentioned a lot over time, especially with the Ryse partnership.  Well the rumors are alive again.



These 2 new rumors came from Jeff Grubb today.  And I think Jez Cordon has also been possibly hinting at it.  



4 - NetherRealm Studios

5 - Rocksteady Games



Now would these be announced at E3 when the focus seems to be on the Xbox and Bethesda Partnership, doubt it.  But speculation is getting out of control at this point.

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