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Star Trek: Discovery casts its Spock

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7 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

What's the timeline? How far before the original series does this take place?


Reading off Memory Alpha, A Vulcan Hello (episode 1) starts in May 2256, and as I recall the show starts 10 years before TOS. Context is for Kings (episode 3) skips to November 2256. Then when they come back from the Mirror Universe, Memory Alpha just says 2257, but IIRC in-show they said they'd come back 9 months later than when they entered the Mirror Universe. So it's already July or August 2057. Meanwhile TOS starts in 2265. So if this show goes on long enough it really is possible that it's going to wind up contemporaneous with TOS, especially if they keep skipping forward in time the way they have been.

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