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Biden raises refugee cap from 15,000 to 62,500

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The new ceiling for refugee admissions will be 62,500 — far above former President Donald Trump's cap of 15,000. Advocates had been concerned Biden was not moving fast enough on a campaign promise.


Still way too low. Should be at least in the hundreds of thousands.


EDIT - Looks like it will be raised to 125,000 in Sept (current number is pro-rated). Still too low. Make it 500k or higher.

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7 minutes ago, SuperSpreader said:

Oh noes biden failed he did something month 4 instead of day 1


The agony!!



Like, consider how the system would break down if it went 15k to 500k overnight.


Think Season 3 GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

going too high too fast wouldn’t be an issue. There’s still the logistical needs to interview, research, approve, and transport that many people. But raising the cap means they can at least process as many as they are currently able. There are many that are already approved that have been waiting just to be allowed entry into the US. They weren’t even allowed on planes. 

and it’s not like once approved always approved. Those approvals expire. So the longer it takes to even start, the greater the chance their approval status expires and they have to go through the whole application and approval process all over again.  

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4 minutes ago, Fizzzzle said:

Almost like we should have the infrastructure to process more refugees, then

Donald’s administration tore a bunch of down. Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. Biden’s administration will need to restaff and rebuild that infrastructure to process and transport more people. 

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