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This world is a simulation and I am the main user.


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Just yesterday I was looking up to see if I could play MHW cross platform so I could play with my brother who is on PS4 and I saw that you couldn't. And my internal reaction was "fuckin sony". Then what do I see on r/games today?


Clearly the simulation does not want me to think that Sony is the issue, but that makes me even more suspicious. 3x

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1 minute ago, Biggie said:

Play Mon Hun Rise. It has cross play with every Switch. 

Bugs Bunny No GIF


Also, that isn't cross play. Also, I would rather wait for it to come to PC. Also, I don't want to pay to play online. Also, I just got MHW and I am enjoying that now. I am not even in iceborn yet. Also, I am sick and tired of feudal japan themed games. 

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