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Five favorite Resident Evil games?


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I think my list would be:



RE2 Remake

RE1 Remake

RE3 Original

RE2 Original 


I also like Revelations 2 quite a bit, it's a fun little B game and Raid mode is particularly fun. I'm lukewarm on RE7 and think it feels more like a half-baked experiment for a too-high amount of its pretty short length yet some parts like the Marguerite segment really come together. Just kind of a weird game overall for me. RE3 Remake could've been amazing but I just couldn't get over its shortcomings and never touched it again. RE1 is still an a cool, atmospheric nostalgia trip but RE1 Remake is too good. RE5 was insanely disappointing to me and I hate the Co-Op AI shit so I never bought it after the demo. I've never played RE6 and Revelations 1 was so bad, I forgot about it until now. 

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I'm also really mixed on RE7.  I thought the gameplay and puzzles were pretty great, and I didn't mind the first-person perspective as much as I thought I would.  But I couldn't stand the environment and the overall story. 


That's a big rub I have with most of the RE games that I've played - how hard is it to just give me a creepy mansion/castle/house, etc. and make it engaging for the entire game?  RE2 is completely brilliant throughout the entire police station, and then really bottoms out when you hit the sewers and the lab.  RE4 is excellent throughout the village and most of the castle, and then tanks when you get to the island.  And the backwoods texas chainsaw thing going on in RE7 just sucks the entire time in my opinion.  As much as I really like Revelations 2, the prison island is also drab, bland, and not that fun to move around in or explore.  The hook and sense of progression in these games is second to none, and some of the level design is absolutely amazing, but it feels like they really struggle to keep the environments consistently engaging and interesting throughout the length of the games.

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