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It is time for my nephew to build his first PC


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My nephew, crazy smart, is turning 11 next month and as best Uncle, it is time he built a PC. There is a catch though, I'm functionally a quadriplegic, so he's going to have to do all the labor. I thought it a cool post COVID project. 


My budget is ~$400, peripherals not needed. What's an easy to work with case and motherboard? I've been out of the PC hardware world for awhile and need some suggestions, he's a minecraft fortnite kid. 

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Every Cooler Master case I've ever had as been insanely intuitive, everything pretty much just snaps on or off.


For the motherboard, I'd say it doesn't really matter too much. Just find an ATX or bigger one. The smaller the motherboard, the harder it gets to figure out how to put everything together. Like on an ITX motherboard, if you realize "oh crap, I forgot to [whatever]," turns out you have to basically unplug and take apart the entire thing and start over. That's if you're using an ITX case, as well, obviously.

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