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  1. They should be firing whoever is in charge of crisis management. This whole thing just looks really bad.
  2. My favorite part from the 2018 Halloween was when Michael Myers kills the true crime podcasters.
  3. Halloween (2007) I'm going to be real here - I didn't like this movie at all. This was kinda depressing and a tough watch overall. Turning Michael Myers into a real person with a backstory is certainly questionable and doesn't really work, but at least I could appreciate the first half of the movie for being its own thing. The second half was just a more violent redo of the first movie, and doesn't really connect with the first half in a meaningful way. It felt like two separate movies. I generally have fun with these movies, even some of the bad ones, but this one was just hard to watch. And there's a needless rape scene. Shock for the sake of shocking. Halloween II (2009) I made it about 20 minutes into this before I stopped. By this point I already know that Rob Zombie's direction just isn't for me, and what I saw up front just confirmed it was gonna be more of what I disliked about the first remake. I know I originally set out to finish every single movie, but I gotta take care of my mental health too. Watching both of these was super draining. Halloween (2018) This felt like a warm balm after the last three. It pays homage to the original while still feeling fresh in its own way. After seeing all of the other directions a Halloween movie could go in, I appreciated this movie so much more than I did the first time. It's not perfect - it does take a surprising amount of time to set up - but overall this was a pretty solid movie. I did enjoy the more grounded and mature nature of this reboot/sequel, but am also looking forward to the more bloodbath-focused energy of the sequel.
  4. For those who don't know Peter Jackson took all of the archival footage for original Let it Be documentary and edited for its own documentary. It was originally supposed to be a feature length but then eventually became a three part series. It's premiering on Thanksgiving on Disney +. I have to say I got quite emotional watching this. Jackson uses the same restoration technology that he used for They Shall Not Grow Old and the results are amazing. It looks very crisp and vibrant. Definitely don't watch this trailer on your phone, wait to watch it on a monitor or something larger and you'll be blown away by how good this look. Trailer for The Beatles: Get Back, new docuseries by Peter Jackson
  5. I mean, yeah, it obviously looks bad. But this is literally the sixth movie in the Home Alone franchise, so it's not like this is a blow to original's legacy or anything.
  6. I haven’t read the books but the ads for this on Apple TV+ are kinda blowing me away. I’ll save this one for later, I think.
  7. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later I guess most movies will seem like masterpieces when followed by those last two movies, but this is a movie I actually quite enjoy and I was surprised by how much I did. Having Jamie Lee return certainly helps things and she is giving this one her all. And after a few movies that failed to scare me even a little bit, this actually was quite tense at times! As a survivor of trauma, I get a lot out of horror movies because I relate to that survivalist mindset. And I was really able to tap into Laurie's storyline of living in the past before finally confronting it head-one. I found it to be very cathartic and empowering in that regard. I'll have to revisit this by itself to see if it holds up just by itself, but within the context of this marathon I'm surprised by how high I rank this one. Halloween: Resurrection Oh boy. They couldn't just stop at the perfect sendoff of H20, could they? This movie is certainly every bit of a turd as a heard. But also... I kinda enjoyed it in a guilty pleasure sort of way. It never gets dull or boring, and Busta Rhymes is entertaining as hell even if he totally feels out of place here. So yeah, very shitty Halloween movie, but it does have that "so bad it's good" vibe going one. I'm just glad I watched this on a different night than H20 or else it would have just mellowed my high from that movie.
  8. Sorry I mean to spell physically. It was physically rough for me to watch. There were aesthetic choices in 6 that aren't present in previous or later entries. They overmix the sound for whenever there is a jump scare which is particularly bad because there are plenty of fake-out jump scares in this one too. The editting was done in this weird music video style too. While 5 was kinda lame it was at least somewhat watchable, but this one had even a lamer plot (the supernatural explanation for why Michael Myers kills on Halloween is everything I don't want for the character) as well just being hard to sit through on a sensory level.
  9. I know relatively little about Warlock but to me this actor is generally typecasted as unlikable characters because he has such a punchable face. Not to be mean or anything but that seems to be a type he plays well. He was the guy who wouldn't stop vaping in Midsommar. I don't know if Warlock is someone similar but from what comics I read I didn't get that sense.
  10. I've been a big defender of this season but this finale didn't provide the catharsis I was looking for. It felt more like a set-up for the next season, which is find I guess. Apparently the third season will be the last though which is probably for the best, even though I've been loving the new episodes. Always quit while you're ahead.
  11. The poster and tagline is hinting that this time the killer is going to be someone from the OG cast. Also, what is up with these Horror sequels with the same exact name as the original movie? This is must be a confusing trend for general audiences.
  12. I think it's that older demographics are more likely to stay home during COVID than the younger demo. Bond tends to skew older I think.
  13. It's worth pointing out that gender and sex are two different things, yet are often used interchangeably to the point where it makes discussion of gender itself confusing. Sex is something that is biological that is determined by our bodies. Gender is a set of characteristics that are often associated with a particular sex. So while gender and sex are similar in relation, they are different things and can be separate. When someone identifies with a gender that does match their biological sex, then they are trans. Contrary to what many may think, trans people aren't trying to change the definition of biological sex, but we are spreading awareness to what gender is and how one can personally define it. So when Chappelle says things like "gender is a fact!", he just further outs himself as ignorant on some pretty basic elements of trans discourse. Anyways, Chappelle has always had a weird ax-to-grind when it comes to the LGBT community. Even back in the day he used to joke that being black is worse than gay because you can't hide that you're black. He still won't drop his proverbial ax to grind after all these years, and has even quadrupled down. If anyone is shocked that he's this obsessed with LGBT people after these years, it's important to know that hatred itself is an obsession. Hatred isn't something you just casually do, it's something you think about constantly and defines your though process. It's why JK Rowling can't just give it up after all of this bad press towards her.
  14. I've only seen the first two but am considering marathoning the entire franchise. Apparently some Scream diehards claim that 4 is the second best one? I'll have to see for myself.
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