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  1. Really enjoying this season so far. Finished episode 2 and this season is looking to be more intense than the last!
  2. It's a very good Scream movie that feels familiar yet fresh. It has a lot to comment on and has a good time making fun of modern horror fans. Some good surprises here so go into spoiler free.
  3. The final fight manages to feel equal parts epic and personal. A true feat of filmmaking.
  4. The ending along with the needle drop at end of episode 1 is so damn good.
  5. They were so close friends. These last few months must have been so hard for him. You can hear it in his voice.
  6. Right. But the Marvel Legends line is aimed more for adult collectors. And R movies do have toys, but its more aimed towards adults. So yes, a R rated Batman movie would have toys, which I have previously acknowledged, but not to the same extent that a PG-13 movie would have. I know that LEGO at least won’t make sets for R rated movies, and I’m not sure if other toy manufacturers have a similar policy but I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case. When a studio makes a movie this expensive they want as many open revenue steams as possible.
  7. I actually like Cedric the Entertainer a good bit. He was hilarious in Chris Rock's Top Five.
  8. WB wants that LEGO money tho I'm not say they wouldn't make toys at all, but there would be less of them.
  9. I said it limits the potential for toys and merchandise. Where are the LEGO Deadpool sets?
  10. This one is getting pretty good reviews from general critics, but even more importantly, horror critics are absolutely loving this. I recently binged the whole series, after only seeing the first 2. I was surprised by how good the fourth movie is, maybe the best of the sequels to be honest. I'm very hopeful that this newest entry will still have plenty of elements that keep it fresh.
  11. The early 90's was a different time - that doesn't really happen today. LEGO doesn't make any sets based on R rated movies, for example.
  12. It's not just movie tickets - an R rated movie severely limits the potential for merchandising and toys.
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