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  1. I can't believe we were this close to losing Bob Odenkirk. I'm glad he's doing okay, but still scary to hear.
  2. It's not that it lacks jokes, but it's that the syrupy tone just doesn't work for this franchise. This looks very Speilbergy whereas the original was pretty far from an Amblin picture. Maybe this tone is only used for marketing and isn't indicative of the movie as a whole, but so far all of the promotional material is in this vein so I'm doubtful.
  3. It wasn’t perfect but damn was it thought provoking. I saw it last weekend and still can’t stop thinking about it. I can see how it would turn a lot of people off though. Every other 2021 movie I’ve seen has felt like a 2020 movie that was shelved for a year. Old was actually filmed during the pandemic last year and you can tell. I don’t want to give too much away to those who haven’t seen it, but the themes certainly feel shaped by the pandemic. Considering that everyone is looking for escapism right now and not self-examination, this may be too uncomfortable for some.
  4. Apparently I’m misremembering the original film as a comedy because that does not look like a sequel to a comedy.
  5. I haven’t had read meat in over seven years. I don’t get why so many people are unwilling to exclude it from their diets.
  6. A lot of people found the twist cheap but I found it to be most definitely not cheap and adds another layer to what the movie is about. It gives new context and a second viewing as well.
  7. To be fair Get Out and Us aren’t the most memorable titles either, they are elevated by being associated with great movies.
  8. It is wild that both Matrix 4 and this come out in December yet we have seen absolutely nothing from either of them.
  9. General audiences connected more with Get Out but I personally found Us to be more interesting and better directed. I think Us was too weird for most people - so hopefully Jordan Peele doesn't steer far away from strangeness with his next movie.
  10. My roommate and I are morbidly curious so we’ll be seeing it tomorrow.
  11. I mean the appeal of the Looney Tunes has always been wide. It’s never been exclusively for kids. It’s okay as an adult to criticize both Space Jam movies, as long as proper perspective is kept. I’m an aspiring writer who writes stories with a younger audience in mind. Does that mean whatever I write gets a free pass for being mindless and cynical just because it’s “for children”? Fuck no! Kids are very impressionable. If anything the standards for entertainment aimed towards a younger audience should be higher, not lower.
  12. Don’t make fun of the movie - it’s for kids. Don’t you know how much children love Casablanca references?!
  13. The cosmic/multi-verse/magic side of the MCU is interesting me much more and making the super spy stuff seem kinda boring in comparison.
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