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  1. I didn’t realize they announced a Fast 11, but right on. This series works best when Lin is directing. 7 and 8 were fun but they didn’t quite have that same magic as 5 and 6.
  2. I’m getting real Baby Driver vibes from this. Why can’t more action scenes be choreographed to music?
  3. I’m getting the first dose of Moderna after work today. Pretty stoked.
  4. Adult Film Star Accuses T.J. Miller And Jordan Vogt-Roberts Of Harassment | HuffPost M.HUFFPOST.COM Dana DeArmond tweets that the comedian and the “Kong: Skull Island” director mistreated her on the set of Comedy Central's “Mash Up.”
  5. I was really looking forward to this big, dumb movie last year, and its year long delay is when it officially hit me that the world was about to change. It’s been a long ride but the end is so close. I got strangely emotional watching this realizing I will be fully vaxed by the time this comes out. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am so seeing this at a sold-out screening on opening weekend.
  6. Yo, why are you being a dick to someone for showing concern for another human?
  7. So this is an interesting debate: Is it okay to place imagery connected with violence and rape against women in a kid's movie as long as they don't understand the meaning behind it? And if that's okay, where do we draw the line? Kids don't know who Charles Manson is. Why not put him in the movie? It would be a fun little reference for the parents. Also, I think it's important to make the distinction that these are barely even references, these are more like cameo appearances. This isn't a parody or an allusion to those characters, these are, as far as I can tell, the actual charact
  8. A gang of rapists in a kid's movie is a fun little reference.
  9. The only real reason I was halfway interested in this is I was hoping for another Roger Rabbit-type hand drawn/live-action hybrid. Instead, Lebron is a full cartoon in Tune World and the Looney Tunes are CGI when play in the final game with live action Lebron. Boooo Like the first movie, this looks like a barely disguised full length commercial. I wonder what attracted Ryan Coogler to produce that this.
  10. This is basically HBO Max: The Movie. Why are the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange in this? Or Barry Lyndon? Or the war boys from Fury Road? This is a kids movie, right?
  11. Ah, gotcha. I could tell you were joking but to be fair to me the target of the joke wasn’t clear.
  12. It probably took me over a week to watch the whole thing, tbh
  13. I mean I’m not a libertarian but I’m not really sure how it’s helpful to use pedophile as a catch all term for anyone who is attracted to someone under the legal age limit. Obviously this is weird time to point out that Gaetz is technically an ephebophile and that’s not what I’m arguing here. But pedophilia is a specific mental disorder and a better understanding of how it works is how we can combat it. I’m just not sure how continuing to allow a public and mass misunderstanding of the disorder is an effective way to go about protecting our children.
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