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  1. Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D is on the eShop now. Check it out!
  2. Wow, considering how close the Switch game cases are to the PSP cases, and how similar Switch cartridges are to Vita's...what other hints is Nintendo taking from Sony?!?
  3. There is so little we know about the Switch so far. How online really works, what's going on with Virtual Console, how (or if) previous purchases will carry over to the new hardware... I feel like Nintendo was much more forthcoming with info for both the 3DS and Wii U prior to their launches. Why hold back with Switch?
  4. I lied before. I ended up downloading Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D yesterday. I had no idea that was coming out, nice little surprise for me.
  5. I considered it, but I ended up getting the Galaxy XL edition instead. I'll be giving it to my daughter for her birthday.
  6. The missions definitely encourage multiple playthroughs, since you are graded on your performance and time it took you to complete them. Not it really sure what you mean by "open ended" but you can complete missions in basically anyway that works best for you. Either take the enemy head-on, defend your base, attack turrets, etc. Choosing your Troopers (basically your "load out") can also affect mission completions.
  7. Well, I've been on a Monster Hunter hiatus for a while. But I was traveling this past weekend, and decided to fire up 4 ULTIMATE on the plane. I kinda forgot how frustrating and yet so satisfying this game was. I did my very first "capture" mission, and it was....uh, an experience, I guess! I failed it three times before I was finally able to trap the beast and tranq it and complete the challenge. It was so teeth-grindingly frustrating getting stone-walled three times over. I almost quit. But man, when I finally captured the thing? It felt AWESOME. I may end up getting back into this game again.
  8. Yeah, no bots. Though the single-player missions have you battling tanks and such all the time. The biggest bummer is no online, tbh.
  9. There are different objectives for each map, and so far they have all been unique (IIRC). Haven't tried any MP yet, just working on SP to unlock stuff. I'll take a look a bit later and see if bots are available.
  10. This game was on 360?!? Whaaaaaaat?!?! So weird.
  11. I played about 10 Missions so far. It's not bad. Pretty good deal for $6, anyway.
  12. Last: Tank Troopers Next: Pikmin 3D or Fire Emblem Echoes, whichever comes first.
  13. @SeVeN CDN I chuckled as well.
  14. @5timechamp Lack of controllers is definitely an issue, but I'd say Splatoon is the multiplayer killer app.