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  1. Considering how buddy-buddy Nintendo and Atlus have been lately, I would be surprised if they didn't play ball.
  2. Valid concern. Though I've never ordered anything from GameStop online.
  3. Hope Circle Entertainment feels the same way. Also Natsume.
  4. Ha ha, this is actually the updated, "better" version of the game! Playing through the Playstation original would have been absolute torture for you!
  5. Good man! Yeah, game is pretty awesome. What could have been a sloppy cash-in, actually turned out to be a pretty high-quality product. Very awesome, glad that Natsume did this one right.
  6. Anyone play River City: Tokyo Rumble yet? It's pretty good!
  7. Good luck de-throning yourself, Nintendo. It'll take a lot to get people to give up their 3DS systems. Especially with Pokémon on it.
  8. Does anyone NOT want to buy a fight stick for Street Fighter II?
  9. Got one on order with GameStop. Along with Breath of the Wild.
  10. Absolutely, without a doubt, will be the #1 best-selling new system this year. Will crush the competition, forcing Sony and Microsoft to go third party. Definitely.
  11. @Mr.Vic20 "Talking right to the Millennials?"
  12. Great? I mean, it's an enhanced version of SUPER Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix. Right? And probably definitely not exclusive. Hm. Not sure what to think yet.