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  1. Final Fantasy Explorers comes out in three days. FFE OT!

    @SeVeN CDN   I play basically everyday. Just got my character decked out in Sephiroth's outfit. Ready to rock:  
  2. Final Fantasy Explorers comes out in three days. FFE OT!

    @SeVeN CDN   I play basically everyday. Just got my character decked out in Sephiroth's outfit. Ready to rock:  
  3. TRACKAMANIA Turbo announcement trailer

    Track-a-mania, eh?    
  4. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I do like having a majority of my 3DS games digitally. Though I do pick up the physical cart from time to time, if only when there is Special Edition/Collector's Edition. I missed out on the Fire Emblem Fates SE, but I did pre-order the Bravely Second SE. So at least I got that one locked down.    Not sure what my next non-digital purchase will be.
  5. Nintendo President Says More Big Nintendo 3DS Games Coming

    I am not at all surprised by this statement. From Nintendo's president.
  6. @CastlevaniaNut18   You definitely said it; it's great for certain people - mostly those that are just starting their collecting. (as you also said earlier!  ) But yeah, for someone like you, it'd be a tough fit. It'd be really difficult for the company to "service" you since you own so much already.    That said, if you know someone who this might be a better fit for, please let them know about VGM. If they mention you sent 'em, I'll take care of them! 
  7. It also kinda depends on what the members already have. As you can see in some of the pics above, games like SNES's Aladdin, and NES's Super Mario Bros. 3 are in member's boxes, and those are valued around $20 or so. Getting "pricey" games is more common than one might assume.     
  8.   The company has deals with various vendors and such - there's really no concern of inventory. There are literally thousands of games currently in the warehouse. 
  9.   Well, that's not true, I can confirm. This month River City Ransom was sent out, which is over $30.    Last month the company sent out Mega Man X,which is also over $30.   And just prior to that, Conker's Bad Fur Day was given away, which is valued at around $100! 
  10. We also have members that post "unboxing" videos on YouTube. You can check out some of them here:        
  11. Oh sweet, it worked. Here are some more:      
  12.   Yeah, for someone like you, I'm not sure if the company would be a great fit. Don't you have like, ALL the games? In the world?  I'd imagine it'd be tough finding games that you don't already own.    There are several examples of what members have been getting on the Facebook page. Let me see if I can link and post them here...  
  13. @Xbob42   Yeah, it's actual carts! All games are cleaned and tested so they are guaranteed to work. The only thing that can't be guaranteed every time is if a cartridge's internal battery is still working. Some of these games are literally decades old, and batteries have a tendency to die out eventually.  
  14. Hey there, DayOnePatch! I wanted to make an official thread that uh, officially introduces Video Games Monthly! It's a company that I've invested in, and thought the community here would be interested in it.    Before I go any further, I should mention that the company is in no way paying for this site ( or in any way benefiting the site financially. I'm a partial stakeholder in the company and as such, obviously have a vested interest in its success! I've discussed this issue with the owners of the site and they have signed off on the thread.    So with that out of the way, Video Games Monthly is basically a "loot crate" sort of service. The company ships out retro games from the NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Game Gear and Gameboy Advance systems on a monthly basis. All games shipped are yours to KEEP - this isn't like GameFly or anything when you have to return them.    Members can fill out a list of games, so they don't get duplicates of ones they already own. The company also has a policy where it does not ship out yeared sports titles...boxes aren't going to be crammed with five Madden NFL games, for example! (unless a member specifically requests them - then an exception can be made)    You can check out the company on Facebook to see the very active community and samples of the boxes members are receiving. It's also on Instagram and Twitter - so give it a look there too if you like!    If you sign up, you can mention that you know me. Could be beneficial. Just...just sayin'.     Cheers!  
  15. Pokemon X|Y - Official Discussion / Community Thread

      No problem, glad I could help!