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  1. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Yeah I enjoyed them about as much as the X series - thankfully they never got X6 or X7 levels of terrible.
  2. Metroid Prime Federation Force Coop thread

    I got it, but I'm still engrossed in Project X Zone 2. I'll try to dive in when I'm finished with that.
  3. 3DS - Community Thread!!

        Azure Striker Gunvolt, perhaps?     How did you like MMZ?
  4. Those rumors seem entirely made up.
  5. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I'm still working my way through Project X Zone 2. Am I the only one playing this epic?
  6. It's true that September is only 10 days away or so...but knowing Nintendo, the reveal won't be until the end of next month, LOL
  7. Castlevania Resurrection for the Dreamcast. 
  8. 3DS - Community Thread!!

      Its got some good reviews and bad ones. I've played a bit of it. I don't hate it so far.
  9. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Usually Amazon ships on launch day, but I guess this one is delayed? For some reason?
  10. I was able to snag two extra cards as well. The promotion only lasts until the 24th though. Those that haven't gotten Arceus yet are running out of time! 
  11. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    You might have a point there. Maybe Inti Creates did the "heavy lifting" when it came to the programming and whatnot, but the actual stage design and stuff was Inafune & Co. That would make more sense.    Speaking of Gunvolt, the sequel is due out rather soon, yeah? I'm getting the retail release (with both the first game and the second on one cart). No particular reason why, I just thought it'd be cool to have a physical copy of those games in my collection.    Anyone else in?
  12. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Awesome, glad you're enjoying it so far!    Yeah, like most Capcom games, the first one in the series isn't as robust and fully realized as later entries. I feel it gets better with each new installment.    Agreed that the continuation from the X series was really well handled.   The game itself is just masterfully done, IMO. The action, the exploration, the tight controls...they did great work. Kind of amazing to this it was the same company (Inti Creates) that made both the Zero series and Mighty No. 9!
  13. 3DS - Community Thread!!

      We'll see! 
  14. I'll admit I was surprised that Bomberman wasn't in the list. I'd take that over Ice Climber any day! 
  15. Anyone here own a Neo Geo X?

      PSP was great for SNK games!