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  1. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    @Anzo Yeah if you’re looking for something more accessible, DBZ is the way to go. SFV will have pros playing online at this point.
  2. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Hmm, I’ll take that with a grain of salt. Switch seems to be covering Nintendo’s portable and home console business simultaneously. Why would they bother with another portable at this point? That said, if they were to release a successor to the 3DS? I’m there Day One.
  3. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    I like this idea!
  4. Yeah, Xenoverse 2 is pretty good. Also, Dragon Ball Fusions on 3DS is a pretty good RPG based on the license. -------------------- The amount of detail and little touches/nods to the audience in Dragon Ball Fighter Z is just outstanding, though. The gameplay looks frantic and fun, and the graphics match/exceed the visuals seen in the manga and anime. Could be the best game the franchise has seen yet!
  5. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Cool, cool. By the way, did you play Miitopia at all? I did not, but both of my kids did. They loved it! I swear, that was the only game they played for a month. I would peek in on it once in a while and I'll admit, it seemed pretty funny. I should probably give it a go sometime.
  6. Aw, took the joke I was going to post!
  7. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Hmm, did Ever Oasis have a limited run in Canada? If you like, I’ll keep an eye out for it here in the States. Let you know if I stumble across it. I can ship it to you - I do shipping to Canada fairly often. Let me know.
  8. Bandai is out for Capcom's blood.

    This game looks freakin’ sweet.
  9. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    Yeah I need to wind down on my purchases too. I don’t mind getting stuff from NIS or Atlus right away since those are usually rare and often have Collector’s Editions. I can hold off on a lot of Nintendo first-party games since those are often available for a long time after release.
  10. So....Street Figher 5 comes out today

    21GB! That’s no small update.
  11. Time to play: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

    This was really fun back in the day. I recently replayed it a couple years ago, and while I still had fun, I realized that the creepiness factor could have been 100 times better if the Sanity Meter did not exist. If the player had no real idea of how insane the characters were, the mind games and gimmicks would come off far more potent and organic.
  12. Dragon Quest Builder Demo (Switch)

    Just downloaded the demo tonight. I’ll check it out later.
  13. The 3DS version is pretty good! ...I know, I know. As for Tropical Freeze...I’ll have to think about it. I own it on Wii U, but I’ve never fired it up. Maybe having this game portable will inspire me to actually play it.