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EVE Online is having another of its massive, fascinating wars

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Every now and then, EVE Online players engage in a massive, absolutely fascinating war involving thousands of capital ships.  Another one of these wars started last week.


Eve Online is once again embroiled in a massive war (Polygon)

The battle at UALX-3, in the Tenerifis territory, is likely just the beginning


In EVE Online War, Spawn Camping Goes On For A Week (Kotaku)


EVE Online Alliances Are Positioning For A Massive War
Over the past week, the overwhelming majority of EVE Online’s player run coalitions have begun to band together and field some of the most powerful fleets that the game has ever seen. The game’s galaxy map is split along its North-South axis, with each side attempting to drive a vanguard strike deep into the heart of their enemies territory. In short, it’s looking like war—maybe the biggest one yet, which is saying something.



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Big digital wars like this are always amazing. I wish I could watch a real-life version of this from a distance. Or like imagine coming home and turning on the news to see two massive star fleets with thousands or hundreds of thousands of ship annihilating each other. A horrifying spectacle the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. 

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