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"Gargoyles" was nearly the center of a vast Disney Cinematic Universe (Polygon interview with series creator)

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Plus: How OJ Simpson helped kill the show, and much more from creator Greg Weisman


When Disney Plus launched in November 2019, The Walt Disney Company focused its promotional efforts around original shows like The Mandalorian and legacy content, from its animated classics to the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe features. But for a lot of longtime fans, one of the platform’s most exciting offerings was one of its least promoted: the entire run of the 1994-1997 animated series Gargoyles. For American animation buffs, Gargoyles was a true revelation back in the 1990s: a fantasy show with deep worldbuilding, an epic expanding story, rich characters, and above all, a developing narrative.


It may be hard to remember these days, when long-arc animated stories are the norm, but when Gargoyles launched, most American animated TV shows were designed for syndication, meaning they might air or be watched in any order. So every episode was meant to start and end with the same status quo, with nothing changing. Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman says that thinking “made it difficult for me to get work back in the day,” because studios knew he specialized in serialized storytelling. I’m like, “Well, yes, but I can do other things too,” he tells Polygon. “They were like, ‘Yyyyyeah, sure you can. We’re going to go with someone else.’”


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