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Screen distortion


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Sometimes I have screen distortion issues which I usually notice as text getting corrupted a bit. There seems to be a line multiple pixels thick missing in the center of the screen and there is a line on the right of the screen that appears to have the missing part (if I move a window across the screen, what looks like the part that disappears in the middle appears on the side).


It's pretty minor so even though it's been happening for years I've just ignored it or rebooted which makes it go away until the next time it happens. The strange thing is over the years the things you might think would be the cause have changed. Many video driver updates, new video card (both nVidia), new monitor (including a change from DVI cable to DP cable) and even a fresh install of Windows. I just tried turning my monitor off and back on again and that seems to have fixed it so now I have a quicker fix.


Any idea what the issues is? Like I said, it's pretty minor and the temporary fix is simple but it would be nice to have a permanent fix.

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