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PSA Humble Australian Fire Relief Bundle


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In a great move by Humble Bundle they have this $25 game pack with all the proceeds going to charity:




There are a lot of great games in the list and it's an amazing pick up even if you are missing just a few of the top titles!

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10 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

@Bloodporne this might be a good way to build up your steam collection on some good games while doing something charitable.


ETS2 is a PC exclusive and actually pretty fun.

Void Bastards and Mr. Shifty are also good!

Unfortunately I'm somewhat broke right now after dropping all that money for the laptop itself and have to wait a bit to start buying games.


PS: It's amazing how ubiquitous Hollow Knight is, I've seen that game on every list of games I've looked at in the past few days between Game Pass, this etc. 

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