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Home Renovations Suck


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About 18 months ago, I bought a fixer in Michigan -- and we finally got the house to where we wanted it.


And then we had to move back to Ontario -- and we bought a REAL fixer.

Our first project we decided to get to was the kids bathroom.  We planned on replacing the tub, retiling the bath, putting in a new (to us) vanity, retiling the floor.


During demo, we started to find mold EVERYWHERE -- we've now had to pull most of the dry wall down, resinsulate everywhere (including in the attic over the shower) and redo the vapour barrier.  Our minor reno has just turned into a MUCH bigger job.


Also, given the amount of mold we found beneath the windows.  We agreed that we can't wait the year we planned on, to replace the windows.  Just got our first quote to replace the windows.


Ain't home ownership grand?

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