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Dungeon & Dragons Essentials Kit - 50% off right now (amazon)


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Good starter kit for anyone who is thinking of jumping into D&D.  Comes with SRD rules, character sheets, dice, item cards, a DM screen, and some other stuff.  Great for new players and new DMs.




If you're already into D&D, at 50% off it's still a good buy.  $12.55 for a new official adventure module and a new art DM screen (plus more dice...can never have too many dice).



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1 hour ago, TheLeon said:

Cool. I ordered one. I've never played, but I'm interested. 

With the right group of people it's the best game ever.  If you have trouble getting a group together, check out your local game stores; many of them have a D&D night where they run pickup games or Adventurer's League games which are usually new-player friendly. :)

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