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Loose JoyCons on Switch


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So we have a Switch and after a few months, the left JoyCon was super loose and would pop off with almost no effort. I chalked this up to how when we first got it, we didn't realize that those little clip on shoulder attachments had locks on them. My kids kept putting them on wrong and puling them off with way too much force.


Anyway, I sent it back to Nintendo and they fixed it.


Ugh, well now, both of my JoyCons are loose again. I know no one has been screwing with them. Kids are playing with this system, but I'm pretty sure they aren't doing anything stupid with it. What the Hell Nintendo? Are all JoyCons loose? Is this a thing? I find this super annoying. I guess I can send it in again, but if they just became loose after a month or two before, what's stopping the exact same thing from happening again?


Does anyone else have this problem?

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My first Switch had a slightly loose left joycon from day one.  It wasn't loose enough to be an issue, but was looser than the right one.  After almost a year of use my left joycon stick started selecting up randomly even when I wasn't touching it, so I bought a new joycon which was fine. 


My new Switch seems perfect, no loose joycons. 

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