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President of Canada's largest oil company (Suncor) slams climate change deniers and the politicians that cater to them.

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The backstory to this is that the Canadian government is introducing a national carbon tax. The law says that provinces can implement their own, but if they don't then the federal one applies. Conservative parties are of course against this, and the 2019 election will be primarily fought on this issue. The fact that oil companies are now speaking out and admitting that climate change is real is going to be a boon to the Liberals in the next election. I think they realize that a carbon tax is the best solution they are going to get, since they can at least pass the cost on to consumers.

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Well, that is some very straightforward talk, and it would be lovely if climate change were put more into economic terms rather than "debating" the science. I feel like it wasn't that long ago that the economics were on the center stage, and outright denial was more fringe, but maybe I'm wrong on that one.

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