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Mac Tech Apple Caught Ripping Off Customers on Mac Repairs at Genius Bar

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12 hours ago, BlueAngel said:

They fuck you before and after you buy a product, fuck apple.



I imagine in part they do this because of where we are at when it comes to computers. I recently purchased an XPS 13in and I see no reason to even have to upgrade this thing I use it for surfing the internet, streaming, and light gaming. The only upgrade I could think of would be if somehow I could get one with the same battery life but better gaming performance. But even then I have an Alienware 17in. I will probably get a new Alienware in 3-4 years but that makes sense in terms of wanting to get a card that will be better then a 1070. For simpler tasks so long as the PC works there is little reason to upgrade now a days. 

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Yeah, PC hardware is so fast nowadays, that for day to day use, you can hold onto the same machine for years.  Gone are the days of having to possibly upgrade whenever the next version of an OS or big piece of software(like Adobe's stuff)  comes out.

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