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Cell phone data transfer question

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I wasn't sure if this was the right board, but I have a cell phone question. Can you transfer data from a cell phone where the screen doesn't work correctly but the phone turns on? I have a text conversation from a friend who passed away and would like to keep it if that's possible.

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I have recently seen Google notify me about a new feature that lets me carry over text conversations from other phones which are logged in with the same Google account (obviously). You could hope that feature got updated onto your old phone and that your new phone will connect to it. Otherwise you would have needed to back up the messages with some other service prior to it breaking.


Last option would be to buy a replacement screen. For budget phones I think the cost is around $30 for the screen itself; not sure how much screens on mid or high-end phones cost to replace. DIY is a pain in the ass, and could potentially break the phone further during disassembly, but it's doable with moderate equipment. Small screwdrivers, small prying objects, razor blade, and some heat to loosen up any glue should be all you need.

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