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Don't toss out that banana peel


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We've been eating bananas wrong!

In fact, a study last year found that if banana peels are blanched, dried, and ground into a flour, they can be turned into baked goods that taste just as nice, if not better than wheat-based products.


When their experiment's products were taste-tested, consumers reported they were just as happy with the flavors as they were with peel-free sugar cookies.

You'll even get a generous helping of minerals and cancer-fighting nutrients. Enriched with banana peels, for instance, the sugar cookies made in the study contained much more fiber, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidant compounds.


As a bonus, the goods also kept well on the shelf for three months at room temperature.


In 2021, for instance, a study on banana peel cake found the yellow skin of the fruit provides a natural food color to the baked product as well as a nutritional boost.


A 2016 study, meanwhile, found that substituting up to 10 percent of wheat flour with banana peel flour can enrich baked bread with higher protein, carbohydrate, and fat contents.


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