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Pictionary VS. AI - The First Board Game to Integrate AI Into Gameplay

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Mattel Announces Pictionary® Vs. AI, the First Physical Board Game to Integrate AI into Gameplay | Business Wire



Mattel, Inc. announced today a new version of Pictionary – the original quickdraw game – with Pictionary® Vs. AI, the first-ever board game to integrate AI technology into its classic gameplay. In this version, all players draw and the AI guesses, taking the drawing game that fans know and love to new heights



“Mattel is excited to introduce Pictionary Vs. AI, bringing technological advancement to create new and exciting challenges to fans who love the classic game,” said Sven Gerjets, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Mattel. “At Mattel, we create innovative products and experiences that inspire, entertain, and develop children through play. There are many play patterns to explore around new tech to enhance engagement with physical toys.”


In this Pictionary game, players sketch, but it’s the AI that guesses. Having the AI guess the drawing correctly isn’t the only way to get ahead. Players also earn points by predicting whether the AI will guess other players’ sketches correctly. Pictionary Vs. AI’s innovative gameplay of “Human Sketches, AI Guesses” further proves that Pictionary is less about being a perfect artist and more about the hilarious results.

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16 hours ago, Derek said:

Watching the news and the next story is about Courtroom deep fakes. AI creating criminal acts/fake evidence.


Edit: I would totally make that pictionary AI guess a 'penis' and then end up drawing a rocket ship.


AI: 0 Derek: 1




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