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Repairing a Switch Pro Controller


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My nephew somehow managed to bust the right should buttons off his Pro Controller. Apparently everything still works, the rubber pads under the buttons look fine. From the picture I saw, part of the right bumper is still there so the hinge should be fine. It's harder to tell for the trigger, there appears to be some plastic when I zoom in, so the hinge might be intact. The triggers are supposed to have a metal rod in them but I don't see it and don't know the status of the broken off pieces. If only the outer plastic of the buttons are damaged it doesn't look too difficult to open it up and pop in some replacements (dealing with the metal rod of the trigger looks like the hardest part).


I'm going there for Canadian Thanksgiving. Delivery estimates for replacement parts on Amazon don't leave me confident that they'd arrive in time but I could at least take a closer look to prepare for another time. Besides the DIY approach, doesn't anybody know the cost of repairs from Nintendo or uBreakiFix relative to the cost of a new controller? My guess is it's not worth it.

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@dualhunter - I really can't find any definitive information, but I'm guessing that you're looking at anywhere from $30 to $50 though that will naturally be different in Canada.


When it comes to gaming peripherals like controllers, I'd say just buy a new one - it's really not worth the time and effort to repair.

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