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A.I. “unicorn” Berkeley-based mining company KoBold’s worth over $1 billion

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KoBold Metals uses machine learning to analyze subsurface rare earth deposits.

KoBold, founded in 2018, uses machine learning to look for deposits of metals that are crucial to the construction of batteries for electric vehicles—specifically lithium, nickel, cobalt, and copper.

The company has more than 60 projects across three continents, in which it is currently investing $100 million annually. It also has an extensive research and development budget devoted to A.I.’s use in modeling the earth’s subsurface and exploring depths beyond the reach of conventional techniques.

“Our proprietary A.I. tools build on a concept we call efficacy of information (EOI), enabl[ing] KoBold to determine which data to collect at each exploration step, to maximize uncertainty reduction,” the company said on its website.


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Kobold's only have a challenge rating of 1/8 and could easily be defeated by even a low-level party of adventurers. The idea that they could protect a cache of rare metals without the help of an Ogre or Owlbear is laughable. Do not invest in this company.




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I've hated kobolds ever since I made the mistake of making my first main character in Baldur's Gate (base game only) a Cleric/Mage. The character was fragile but the problem with the kobolds was that they gave something pathetic like 7 exp so I couldn't level up to make up for my character's pathetic HP (and since I put my points in INT and WIS my constitution sucked so I only got a couple HP more on finally leveling up). A few years later when I played Tales of the Sword Coast, I used cheats to get stat boosting tomes to make all stats 25 and so I could reuse my character but I've avoided multiclass ever since and still hate kobolds.

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