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Real life lessons from vydia.


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The older I get, the more I realize I enjoyed video-games because it's basically traversing a wide landscape of programmer art. And as lover of outside art, it's a heavier bearing on my enjoyment of games than immersion which seems more popular, but I would rather break a game and glitch the fuck out of it than follow the narrative. Nothing new about this really, it's hardly secular to an audience. Breaking games is the name of venerated fighting game community, where people got their teeth kicked in for 'bad manner shit' like resetting the cab during a SF2 match.

But that's unfair. Some game narratives can nail a point in a oddly sophisticated way. For one, Campaign 3 in TIE-Fighter is a windy poli-espionage from the perspective of a grunt. Rather than muddle with feelings. It's pretty incredible that a 1994 game about being the bad guys managed to provide such a cold, 'political' notion to rebellion. It's honestly not a comforting experience but art never promised to be medicine.

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The story of some games can define a point in a strangely complex way. Frankly, it was not a comforting experience, but art never promised to be medicine. This I love part of the cut cry, in my outer ward, will become anything I want to occupy with the ease that there will be a twang.

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