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Playing on the Skidsteer: my construction journal as I build a house for my in-laws


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I realllly enjoy driving these things around, moving dirt. We had to dig out a couple of trash trees that were in the way. Just a lot of fun.


Probably less so for those who have to do it every day, but I get to run them a couple times a year.


This project is fun also because it’s for my wife’s sister and her family, and it is right next door to me. We are building up the pad today and tomorrow, then forms, rebar, concrete, etc. Foundation should be done early next week. Probably total build time around 5-6 months.

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Some pics from the progress 


Forms done and waiting for it to not rainy so we can pour concrete





Concrete pouring day off to a great start when the third truck rolled off the driveway and into some very soft ground 😂






Slab is poured and the fellas are finishing


IMG-6624 IMG-6627




Lumber delivered, so framing can begin!

IMG-6687 IMG-6700




Carl Oliver Pilkington, First of His Name, is watching of the lumber pileIMG-6714




Walls are mostly up, and now they are working on squaring everything up and bracing before the ceiling joists start going in






Right now: Ceiling joists are mostly done, guys are lunch breaking. They will finish the rest of the ceiling joists this afternoon and tomorrow will begin the roof framing.



Lots of progress this week. Next week we should get the roofing, soffits, windows, and maybe even siding complete. Then it slows down a bit with kinda non-exciting MEP bits like the plumbing rough, electrical rough, and HVAC rough. Then I’ll get my insulator out to spray foam the whole thing nice and tight.

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  • Guest changed the title to Playing on the Skidsteer: my construction journal as I build a house for my in-laws
1 minute ago, gamer.tv said:

It’s interesting how different US and UK home builds are.

There are also pretty significant regional differences across the US. This style of build is pretty standard in much of the gulf coast.

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