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Even Roger Deakins Thinks The Oscars are out of touch

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Speaking of the 2022 film he most admires Deakins says, "The reason it wasn’t is pure and simple: snobbery."


Gotta tell you, the only folks who care less about the Oscars than the general public are people who actually WORK in Hollywood :lol: At this point they're really just a resume builder for most if you are affiliated with a nominated or winning project. That's it.

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It’s an industry trade show. The awards at such are never about the best anything, it is always about the industry presenting itself in a certain way to those both inside and outside. 

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Eventually The Oscars are going to move to some streaming platform as an "exclusive show" that you'll be missing out on if you aren't a subscriber. And what a glorious day that will be when soapbox millionaires get on stage to preach to an even smaller audience than they'd ever admit to, lol

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