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Amazon is up to some bizarre shit


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I was randomly browsing the Amazon homepage when I came across Amazon Live, a streaming platform which is a cross between QVC and a Potemkin village. There's no identifiable profile system - the streamers have names and are called 'Amazon Influencers' but they don't have any kind of dedicated page, and you can give yourself a name in chat but you can change it every time. Of course there are links to all of the products - both those the streamer is actively talking about as well as stuff in the background, which includes incredibly random stuff like stand mixers and electric toothbrushes. The view counts vary, most only have a view dozen viewers, and the most prominent ones seem to top out around 1k, and the lack of chat activity kind of calls into question how truthful that is (it also betrays the fact they pay people to post in the chat to give the allusion of human activity).


This shit is wild. I don't understand who this is for, or how it is actually making Amazon any money. It's the most astroturfed bullshit I've ever seen, and Amazon has already set a pretty low bar for those kind of shenanigans given the stuff they've pulled previously. They have the underlying tech with Twitch and I'm sure these 'influencers' aren't getting paid that much, but I don't know how anyone could be fooled by this or actually captivated by the content. 

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