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Netflix, not knowing when to quit, are giving the Duffer Brothers a stab at a live action Death Note...

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Is Willem Dafoe coming back? I guess Netflix figured they could save money on licensing by just reusing a license they had already acquired. I mean, it's already been a whole five years since their last attempt. What's crazy is that Netflix was talking about doing a sequel as recently as last year. Just rebooting the whole thing into a TV series seems...


I'll come out and say it. This 👏 should 👏 be 👏 able 👏 to 👏 work. I said. I stand by it. This shouldn't be difficult. Being a TV series is probably what the franchise needs. A lot more breathing room for a series that is really a chess match between geniuses is the right move. This series should be Catch Me if You Can meets Final Destination.


I will remain tentatively optimistic...because I'm an idiot.

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