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Anyone here (try to) complete cryptic crosswords?


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I’ve been picking up the paper the last few days (I know…) and have enjoyed, along with some news and sport, the puzzles. I’ve smashed through a few Sukdoku, World wheels, word searches and crosswords, then the other day, there was a cryptic crossword. 

My dad used to finish The Times cryptic crossword when he was waiting for me to finish rugby training and I have no fucking idea how. I’ve read a few articles and there barely seems to be a rule set. Sometimes it might be an anagram, sometimes one word is a clue, the rest being clues but not clues, sometimes it’s working out parts of each word definition to make a new word…madness.


But I want to actually have a crack at one and apparently the best way to learn is from other people, sooo…

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I have been enjoying the mini crossword on the NYT website. My mother has religiously done the full NYT crossword for decades. I think the mini because you can finish it in a few minutes even as a novice crossworder.

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