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Big Oil + idiots stop clean, Canadian hydro energy from coming to New England

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Democrats weren't the only losers in elections held Tuesday in the U.S. So was a Canadian-led energy project, rejected by voters in a state referendum. It's not an oil pipeline this time. It's a Hydro-Québec corridor to New England — and its future is now in doubt.


Referendums are bad and shouldn't be allowed for anything but the most extreme measures.



Voters in Maine voted about 60-40 to halt construction of the project and force its backers to obtain two-thirds support in the state legislature if they want to complete it. 

That's after the most expensive referendum campaign in state history, where ads for and against the plan lined highways and bombarded television viewers.



The line is already being built and worth billions of dollars to the Quebec public utility and to its American partners. 

But on Tuesday night, project opponents hugged and cheered. At a party held amid fire pits at an outdoor beer garden in Farmington, they demanded a pause on ongoing work while state politicians weigh their response. 



That unusual alliance seeking to stymie the project included nature-lovers and fossil fuel companies, which funded the campaign against their common hydroelectric foe.


You have elections to elect governments...so let them govern. The entire US system is designed to make governing as impossible as can be.


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