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USB-C upgrade

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As someone with a laptop that can take over 100W in through USB-C, it's nice that it'll be part of the spec. I wonder if that'll mean I could use a generic USB-C power brick with my laptop, or if it'll still only be Dell's docks that work. Probably just have to wait for my next laptop to support it.


It does make me kind of wonder why we never saw a similar push with Displayport or HDMI. I imagine with HDMI in particular that they wouldn't want people to expect their TVs to be powered over HDMI, but what kept the Displayport folks from making it capable of powering most monitors?


I also hope that increasing the power capabilities of USB-C doesn't further prevent more USB-C docks and hubs. I have all the USB-C things, but there are still so few hubs or docks that give you more USB-C ports. On my desk right now I have a USB-C phone, tablet, microphone, mouse, PS5 controller, laptop, camera, headphones, and a Raspberry Pi. It's great they all use the same port, but most of the time they're all using USB-C to USB-A cables, which is stupid.

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