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News channel axes freelancer Adeel Raja after multiple pro-Hitler tweets.

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This guy is a freelance journalist who works out of Pakistan as a contractor. CNN probably employs thousands of people like this.


Should someone have noticed this earlier? Yes.


Should this guy work for CNN? No.


Does this mean CNN is secretly a bunch of nazis. No.


Does this mean that all liberals are secret nazis? No.


Is that how the willfully deceptive, bad faith, finger wagging, manipulative right wing media going to spin it? Nope.


Are millions of their dumbass dipshit ignorant gaslit followers going to skim an article written purposefully to deceive or a headline also written for maximum deceptiveness going to see this story and use it to prop up their stupid personal biases about liberal media? Yes.


And that's all this story is for. Riling up idiots.


And it's going to work, because the right wing media is a bunch of vile fraudsters and their audience is a bunch of hate filled idiotic dipshits and the cycle continues on like this until we're all killing each other in the streets.

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