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The International 2018 (August 15 - 25)


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That's right, this board's most hated tournament is back and is graciously being played in Vancouver this year (rather than Seattle)


Group stage is August 15 - 18 and main event is 20 - 25

Group stage schedule

List of teams below:





Watch live video from dota2ti on www.twitch.tv


Here's a link to all the streams including the newcomer stream



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Here are the standings after day 2




The thing that stands out to me after 2 days is the strength of the North American teams. I always thought VGJ Storm would be good but what's surprising is that EG is looking good, they've looked bad all year. Not quite sure I'm ready to drink the kool aid yet but they are looking good.


Kinda feel bad for W33 on Pain Gaming, he's basically carrying the team. It's too bad he can't be on a better team. I wish Winstrike was doing better.


That's about it for now, you can all go back to ignoring this thread. :peace:

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Not that anyone cares but I'm posting the finals ITT just for the sake of history.



My final thoughts on the event. For me I've been watching these since TI4, so I've seen 5 of these events and I thought this was the best one. However, I thought it was a bit more inclusive than previous events. For newcomers, people wanting to get in it seems like they trimmed a lot of stuff away. The newcomer stream used to actually have casters (purge) explain what's going on in every match. I guess he did it for the group stages but not the main event.

Speaking of Purge he used to do a statistical breakdown of sorts after each match and show highlights, that wasn't here this year. Even the All-Star game was different, instead of bringing in people in the stands plus pros it was just pros playing this year.


But if you know what's going on and follow the personalities it was actually really great, the Sheever short film about her breast cancer was really well done. I liked "The Late Game" the late night show they had, especially the last night, it was like a legit late night show. The games were great and I felt that the crowd was as loud as ever. Great surprises were dropped like heroes out that night and the TI9 announcement also got some hype going.


In any case those are my thoughts for now. Will be interesting to see when they'll schedule the matches for next year. Will they try to accommodate the time difference for western audiences or will they just play local time?

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