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Christian schools continue to show they are the opposite of the moral pillar they present themselves as

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An 8-year-old student was kicked out of a Christian elementary school, after she told another female student she had a crush on her, the mother says.


Childhood trauma for showing another student of the same gender affection. Way to go!


I'd love it if Biden's Secretary of Education could step in a revoke these school's education license for sexual discrimation. As this gets more and more national attention, I think more people are becoming aware of how twisted this intolerance truly is.

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More people are becoming aware, but not nearly enough.  In the last week I've seen so many meme's about the transgender EO Biden signed.  "Children are too young to know what sex they want to be." "If you have a penis and walk into the girl's bathroom I'll make sure you're going to be using the handicapped bathroom for the rest of your life."

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It wasn't until a few hundred years ago that separate bathrooms started existing in the first place. 


And really, modern unisex bathrooms would pretty much have a lot more stalls for privacy.  If you want to actually prevent molestation, put cameras to oversee the stall doors and hand-washing area, and then you can easily identify anyone entering an already-occupied stall.  Because right now anyone can easily walk right into a women's bathroom if they got the urge.

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