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  1. I enjoyed it. It is pretty predictable, but the acting is top notch.
  2. I like The Village a lot. I don't like Signs though. That film was garbage.
  3. Dragonseeker

    Movies The Worst Films of 2018

    Don't agree with Scario. Not the best film, but not bad either.
  4. Dragonseeker

    Movies Marvel fast-tracking Shang-Chi movie

    I can't see a middle ground to this movie. Whatever concept they are thinking, this is either going to work or be a disaster.
  5. Dragonseeker

    Movies The Lion King Teaser

    Beauty and the Beast has a 7.2 rating at IMDB and 71% fresh, 6.7 rating from the critics. It is the very definition of a mixed/good movie. But not great.
  6. Dragonseeker

    Movies The Lion King Teaser

    Jon Favreau is a good director and I think this along with The Jungle Book will be two of the better adaptions. With that said, am I the only one who thinks this is visually not artistic enough? It lacks the majesty of the original. It feels somewhat sterile. The cartoon is like Breath of the Wild. This version is like a generic PS4/Xbox One game with great graphics but bad gameplay.
  7. Dragonseeker

    Movies Are You Ready For Gladiator 2?

    This sounds like a bad idea. But if it is anywhere near as good as the first one, why not? Hope they get Hans Zimmer back for the score. That was one hell of a score.
  8. Dragonseeker

    Movies Dark Phoenix trailer

    Marvel Formula as in making a very straight forward movie with clear progression, ideals, themes, etc. It was the only X-Men film that tried to be a straight up superhero film since X1-X3.
  9. Dragonseeker

    Movies Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended

    Yep. What is the point of having guys like JJ Abrams if you are just going to remake A New Hope? JJ Abrams did a wonderful job with The Force Awakens, but that movie really set the direction of the franchise, and the direction is basically to retread old paths.
  10. Dragonseeker

    Movies Dark Phoenix trailer

    The Winter Soldier, however derivative, is far superior to X-Men: Apocolypse. Singer tried to go all Marvel formula with Apocolypse and failed miserably.
  11. Dragonseeker

    Movies Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended

    I haven't seen Solo, but the problem is, Solo is about Solo. Again, retreading the past. Star Wars is a franchise that is basically stuck in mud, whether we are talking about characters, plot, elements, themes, etc.
  12. Dragonseeker

    Movies Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended

    I think the problem for me is that Star Wars never grow as a franchise. Even after 8 mainline movies, they are always about the exact same things: destiny, The Force, rebels vs empire, light side vs dark side, etc. The series still has barely any nuances in characters, plot, themes, etc. And I don't see any of this changing anytime soon.
  13. Dragonseeker

    Movies Dark Phoenix trailer

    You have a very low standard of what great is.