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  1. I loved Desplat's Godzilla score as well. The style was very different. Desplat really nailed the suspense and the horror/terror. McCreary's score focused on the mythical grandeur of the monsters. More blunt force, but I really like it as well.
  2. Will Smith sounds bored as hell. I think Ejiofor doesn't sound menacing enough, but I think I could buy into his voice as I get used to it.
  3. I agree that Lion King could really benefit from having a longer runtime. But Aladdin...I am not sure. I feel like everything extra will be songs and fluff.
  4. They shown like 27 minutes of the film already so I still have some faith in it. At the very least, I think this movie will be technically great. You have Lee Smith, Mauro Fiore, and Hans Zimmer behind the scenes.
  5. Thor's powers are incredibly inconsistent too. In the first Avengers movie, he was summoning a lighting storm to decimate the enemies coming out of the portal. Then 80 percent of the time, we don't see his lightning power and he start fighting hordes of enemies hand to hand. Thor's inconsistency is similar to Storm's in the X-Men movies. She could summon tornadoes and hurricanes but only use lightning powers 80% of the time.
  6. NAILED IT Breaking Bad Mad Men DIDN'T QUITE MAKE IT Battlestar Galactica House of Cards Damages Bloodline The Night Of Banshee Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles SHIT THE BED 24 Dexter
  7. Now that I have time to think about it, I think I'll give it a 8 out of 10. I honestly thought Infinity War was better. What hurts this movie for me is that despite the secrecy surrounding the plot, the story was really disappointingly simple. They travel back in time to undo everything. The one thing that elevated the film was how well the emotional aspects were. Almost all the scenes that were supposed to hurt you, hurt you.
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