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  1. I think this is terrible for the industry. I also think this is bad for the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises.
  2. Because they had executives that were dumb and thought that Zack Snyder is a some visionary director when he is basically only a visionary cinematographer? This is a company that made The Dark Knight and they squandered that prestige overnight. They could totally beat Marvel in quality with director-focused movies, instead, but they had zero vision and decided to complete with Marvel building a forced shared universe. Fox was able to make interesting movies because while the people there made dumb moves, at least a lot of the directors they picked had some kind of vision.
  3. I think Dark Knight spent a lot of time melding various political issues including surveillance, vigilante justification, torture, using lies to justify an end, etc. A few of those themes are also the reason why I think Captain America: Winter Soldier is arguably the best Marvel film because it actually has something to say, even though most of it was broad strokes. A lesser level down are films like Venom, where it channels some cautionary elements about biotechnology, but everyone knows they just needed a plot device to justify the film's battles. Logan to me, is one of the few comic movies that reflects on a hero at the end of a journey where redemption is nearly impossible. The story has nothing to do with saving the world or battling a super villain, rather, but it is a reflection of what a man has to do to die with some kind of fulfillment. I have similar appreciation for A Days of the Future Past where the real villain in the film is humanity's distrust and our misguided beliefs of safety through separation. Read the synopsis of Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom movie: "Hawley said during the panel, as he has before, that he envisions Doctor Doom as a geopolitical thriller more than a standard superhero movie. It begins with Doom putting a dome over Latveria, the fictional European country he rules. He later invites a female journalist to be his voice to the world, meaning its protagonist would be someone without superpowers." Could this film be a disaster? Sure. But I give him mad respect for trying something different, for taking risks. I hope this gets made. Do I think Disney will support this? I am not holding on to hope. Marvel Studios is unquestionably in the driver seat. The industry goes where they will go. I will say that I am optimistic to see films like Black Widow, Black Panther, and even The Eternal getting made. Maybe none of those films are that groundbreaking, but getting indie directors like Cate Shortland, Ryan Coogler, and Chloe Zhao is a positive first step that they want more director input, and perhaps, more uniqueness.
  4. Yeah, it is hard to write those films, and as long as people settled for "easy" films, there will be very little incentive for studios to make "hard" ones. Yes, Legion and Marvel shows on Netflix like Daredevil are great, but the freedom and the creativity on TV/Streaming do not crossover to films. I wish they do. As for Blade and Morbius, I am not convinced they are not just stylized Marvel films with darker skins like Venom was. I doubt those movies will actually reflect on society culturally/politically or touch on the nature of the human condition. Brightburn is interesting, but probably more horror than drama.
  5. I don't see a lot of those kind of films in the comic book world though. Which upcoming comic book film will be like The Dark Knight or Logan? The Joker and Dark Phoenix are the only 2 films that are possibly going for the more dramatic approach. Maybe The Black Widow film? There are like probably a dozen more comic book films for people who wants more Thor or Ant-Man.
  6. For me, the problem is, audience love things that I think would eventually lower standards, which in turn, affects me too. My issue with Marvel films is not that they are bad, they are not, but imo, they are good formulaic movies (sometimes great films). But because they are so successful, they are basically encourage all other studios to do the same thing. So instead of of more The Dark Knight or Logan, you get more Thors and Ant-Mans. That is great for everyone else, but sucks for me.
  7. For those of you who saw the movie, do you think I have to see this before Endgame? If this film has no critical elements that ties to Endgame, I might skip it until Blu-Ray.
  8. I enjoyed it. It is pretty predictable, but the acting is top notch.
  9. I like The Village a lot. I don't like Signs though. That film was garbage.
  10. Don't agree with Scario. Not the best film, but not bad either.
  11. I can't see a middle ground to this movie. Whatever concept they are thinking, this is either going to work or be a disaster.
  12. Beauty and the Beast has a 7.2 rating at IMDB and 71% fresh, 6.7 rating from the critics. It is the very definition of a mixed/good movie. But not great.
  13. Jon Favreau is a good director and I think this along with The Jungle Book will be two of the better adaptions. With that said, am I the only one who thinks this is visually not artistic enough? It lacks the majesty of the original. It feels somewhat sterile. The cartoon is like Breath of the Wild. This version is like a generic PS4/Xbox One game with great graphics but bad gameplay.
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