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Yesterday, 09:44 AM

Give us some impressions when you're ready! I'm curious if the Harvest Moon team was able to hold onto their talent when not attached to their old publisher/franchise.

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In Topic: 3DS - Community Thread!!

31 March 2015 - 12:14 PM

Seems to be "Murphy's Law" coming into effect. :P Because OF COURSE it's the one game you really had your eye on, that DIDN'T show up as downloadable for you! Sorry, dude. :(

Did you happen to put it on your 3DS eShop wishlist? It will notify you when it's available next time you are in the eShop! :sun:

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31 March 2015 - 11:21 AM

Best Coast, eh? :P

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31 March 2015 - 10:32 AM

View PostXbob42, on 29 March 2015 - 11:50 PM, said:

It does.  The game looks like dog shit.  It's probably one of the ugliest games I've played this generation on any platform, no joke.  It's never been a pretty series, but on my New 3DS it's a monstrosity.

AGREED. The XL screens make pretty much all 3DS look terribad, but MH4U in particular looks just blllauuurrrggghhhh. :sick: