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  1. Severed - Vita 4/26 (Drinkbox game)

    Got the plat, fantastic throughout.  I wish there was an excuse for a second playthrough like NG+ or a master quest or something because I want more but don't feel like starting over without my upgrades.  Perhaps I'll give it another playthrough in a few months though.   One of the Vita's best!
  2. Severed - Vita 4/26 (Drinkbox game)

    It sickens me that nobody (other than you of course) is talking about this gem of Vita gold.  Got it last night, went to bed late because of it.  It's awesome.  It's a Vita exclusive.  If you like Vita games, and cry that nobody releases games for it anymore, throw your fuckin' money at Drinkbox right now.   Now if you'll excuse me, time for more Severed!
  3. May's PS+ games list

      Online too!
  4. May's PS+ games list

    I just looked at a trailer for Switch Galaxy Ultra, looks fun!  One of the better looking months in recent memory!     I didn't spot that but it looks like you're right.  Is LocoRoco a similar thing?  I've always wanted to play that series, but I don't know if it's a PSP port or an entire new game.  Either way, will check it out!
  5. May's PS+ games list   -Tropico 5 (PS4) -Table Top Racing World Tour (PS4) -Switch Galaxy Ultra (PS4/Vita) -God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Vita) - LocoRoco Cocoreccho! (PS3) - Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (PS3)   If you were a horrible person, you might call this month garbage.  Thankfully, I'm not as this month looks great!
  6. newest edition to the gameroom, and my 65 inch curved samsung 4k tv, can't wait . . . .



    1. madmankevin


      I have no idea what any of that means haha!  Looks like a foreign language!

  7. Shadow Complex Remastered - May 3rd

    You should probably watch/listen to this @Senate4242:       Cliffnotes from memory when I watched this: how Epic (and Chair) got a call from Steve Jobs to work on a mobile project, how Orson Scott Card licensed the rights from Chair, not the other way around (like I had always thought), how Shadow Complex 2 is 100% written and blocked, how the crude but fully playable Shadow Complex 2 is "awesome", and hints on how the success of this remaster can potentially rekindle interest in the Shadow Complex 2 project.
  8. Ratchet and Clank Discussion thread

    30fps?  Yuck.  Might just return my copy then.  Gross.    
  9. Ratchet & Clank reviews are coming in

    Why did I click on this thread?! I was definitely going to wait, but damned you @smartestslamiestfrightiestguyever.  Amazon's 20% off is a real tempting bastard too.   Bought.
  10. What games have you bought based purely off of art style.

    Afro Samurai - came for the art style, stayed for the combat and killer soundtrack.   Cuphead - this game alone makes me want an XB1.   Although I didn't get into them for art style alone, Valiant Hearts, Rayman Legends, and Child of Light are standouts that quickly come to mind.
  11. Punch-out, new tell found after 29 years!

    I think it's fuckin' awesome that tricks like this are still being figured out almost three decades later.   I think it's even more awesome that it's been confirmed that there are still many more tricks/secrets/tells yet to be found.   Fun fact, I bought a GBA game this week just because it was a new Punch-Out style game.  This fun fact was brought to you by Vodka Drunkenski.  
  12. Wisconsin primary thread

    Trump was in Superior yesterday.  Some were clearly having fun with signs that read "THEY TOOK OUR JOBS"!  Those not getting the joke started a fight with them.  Hilarity ensued.   Also, everybody in Wisconsin carries knives apparently.   That's all I got to add.
  13. The Witness (PC) giveaway -- come in here

      Glad I could have an impact but more importantly, congrats to all the recipients of this awesome looking game and thanks for all the generosity folks!
  14. The Witness (PC) giveaway -- come in here

      What I have said is easily verifiable and I stand by it.  I've heard The Witness is an excellent game so congrats on your continued good fortune!
  15. Catlateral Damage - You're a cat, you run through environments knocking shit over, and...  that's it actually.  This game was pretty fun for a day.  Unfortunately it took me three days to platinum it.  It reminds me of Goat Simulator in a "stupid games doing stupid fun things" sort of way.  I feel that Catlateral needs some of the goofy stuff like jetpacks from Goaty to mix it up a little though as just knocking shit over becomes tedious quickly.  But overall, I had fun with it, 3/5   2016 Game Completion List Tearaway Unfolded - 4/5 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - 4/5 Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - 4/5 Amplitude - 3/5 Taco Master - 3/5 Menage A Blops - 2/5 Firewatch - 3/5 Just Cause 3 - 4/5 Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress dlc - 3/5 Snoopy's Grand Adventure - 2/5 Catlateral Damage - 3/5