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  1. I saw your other thread on it, and I feel like I should really boot Zombi up...   Adventure Capitalist - Not really a game, but fun, and hard to explain at the same time. I don't even know where to start. You buy stuff, watch meters grow, buy more stuff, hire managers to run them, watch meters grow, and you end up making bazillions of dollars every second. A free game on the PS4, and a lot of fun for not really being a game! 3/5   Adam's Venture Origins - Take the best parts of Tomb Raider, mix them with the best parts of Uncharted, and you'll have this game! Okay, not quite, but it's like those games, just a "B" movie version of those games. Fun. 3/5   NERO - You walk around solving puzzles that you don't need to solve while getting blasted in the pupils with Avatar styled lighting and bloom effects. Headache inducing, buggy, and not interesting. 2/5    
  2. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      Gotcha, my feelings exactly. I watched a lot on the Oculus and Vive launches and saw a lot of fun tech, but no games where I felt like I'd be revisiting them often. Not trying to derail this thread, but are there any VR games that you keep coming back to? Are you using your Vive often or does it sit? Eve looks fun but I hear that's short lived. One thing I hope that makes its way to PSVR is tilt brush. With the move controllers, I can't see why that wouldn't work. If RIGS can give a Rocket League vibe, that will have legs. Depending on what's offered, Driveclub VR could be huge. Same with GT. And I'm all for smaller experiences too. If there's not a 360 camera at every sporting event/concert in a few years, I will be disappointed. Let me walk around museums I would never be able to visit too. But give me some games I can play every night too!   I know we're really just in VR's infancy, and I know more fleshed out experiences will make their way out. I hope VR is extremely successful on all fronts!
  3. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I'm curious why you're so excited for PSVR @Spork3245 when you have a Vive? I'm pretty excited for PSVR but I don't have a good computer, nor do I want to spend the money building one. But from what I understand, Vive is a far superior product if you're able to run it. I'm definitely not knocking you because I'm right there with you, but I'm genuinely curious why somebody with a Vive is so interested and excited for PSVR?   I'm also new to this whole 'VR' thing so I'm still learning the ins and outs of them. I've never wanted a tech to be so successful in my life. I hope all parties flourish!
  4. $50.00 Give Away

    60 PSN Thank you!
  5. PS4 Firmware 4.0 update to release tomorrow

      AND you can customize what is on that screen AND you can customize the order they appear. Slick, slick, slick.
  6. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      You might be right, but I'm kind of far off on a new set anyways so zero homework has been done on my end.   Funny you say you and your gf played Eve/Worlds Shark Tank. Guess what the gf and I played?   Two things I would add to your impressions of PSVR is the blurriness and heat. First, the blurriness. I purposefully wore my glasses because I wanted to see how that felt (great, no issues btw). But I couldn't tell if what I saw was blurry, screen door, or the headset just not adjusted properly (a guy slaps it on me and off I go). So I'd like to give it another go to say for sure. Then the heat. The headset got warm in my few minutes playing. Of course it had been run all day. But I'm curious if you get the heat feeling on your Vive. Putting a small screen in a small box basically against your face, I'm assuming heat is a thing we have to deal with on VR headsets?   Coming in never trying VR before, I was concerned with comfort, nausea, what it's like playing with basically a small screen inches away from your eyes. Other than the heat, I didn't even notice the headset was on. I felt the headphones, but completely forgot the headset was even there. This was after 10 minutes mind you, but the comfort level was there. I would have liked to have messed around with the adjustments to see how sturdy and durable they are, but the guy did that. I did a barrel roll right away and I can tell it was designed to be a slow roll because even one spin was enough to make me not want to do it again!  Otherwise, no nausea.   You know when you give a game to somebody who doesn't normally play and their body reacts with jumps and whatnot? Being a lifelong gamer, I don't get that way. But in the demo, once I turned around and came face to face with a large hull of a ship. As I saw it, I jumped back and said out loud "whoa". That's a pretty significant thing for an old crusty gamer like myself. The immersion is immediate.   tl;dr: PSVR is gud.
  7. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      I'd rather spend that extra HDR scratch on hookers and blow.
  8. What do you guys think about a new D1P logo?

      Thanks for the support! Unfortunately, not everyone can handle hairy d's and p's in their face.

    ...with Farming Stimulator 2017!   In the wake of a few controversial decisions from Sony that are blocking Bethesda from allowing mods on the PS4 versions of Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition, it looks like an unlikely contender is managing to bypass Sony's strict modding rules... and that happens to be Farming Simulator 17. In a tweet from the game's official account, the developers reveal that mods will be supported on both consoles when the game launches in October:   **if I knew how to embed a twit, it would be here**   Farming Simulator 17 releases October 25th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.   I'm going to mod the hell out of my farmer's tits. Billy Bob will have some big 'uns!
  10. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I got to try it out this last weekend and I really enjoyed it. I'm definitely getting it at some point but this is my big ????:   Do I need a PS4 Pro for a proper VR experience? Sony is being tight-lipped on what PS4 Pro will add to the PS VR experience. However, all games must run at a constant 90fps on PS VR as per Sony's regulations on PS VR games. It is easy to assume that the PS4 Pro will add either better graphical fidelity (ie: more effects/bells & whistles) or simply clean up the image with a higher rendering resolution or more AA in post-processing - though I must again state, nothing has been stated officially.   I might get a 4k tv in the next year, but no way I'm getting an HDR tv any time soon. So I don't really care about the Pro at this point, but if it makes VR games look like apples and oranges I might be annoyed having to force an earlier than planned upgrade.   I want to be a supporter, but can't be a day one supporter. Maybe day two!
  11. PS4 Firmware 4.0 update to release tomorrow

    Hundred bucks they won't let us group all those "other" programs into folders. Even so, a lot of welcomed changes. But what happened to the preview program? Did they never do that? I don't recall hearing impressions of 4.0 yet. Maybe they skipped it?
  12. New D1P Logo - now with reward potential!

      So I win right? We can close this competition now. What do I get!?!   And please tell me that I'm not the only one who sees cawknballz when you put d1p together!
  13.   When it comes to who he hates more, I blow you out of the water. It's not even close.   But there's only one socially awkward guy here who can settle this...
  14.   Yet we all got drunk and partied the day his title was stripped from him. Good times...
  15. Who wants a game? I'm giving away a game.