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  1. February 2016 NPD Numbers

    We will use this Thread to Discuss the NPD for February   I feel like @pointguard3!   Predictions: one console will sell better than another, there will be exactly ten games in the top ten, PS4 will be leading in some games, XB1 will be leading in others, 360 will be leading for Minecraft, and "dat, dis, and doe" will be used frequently upon discussion.   What are your predictions D1Pshits?!
  2.   I would only sign up for this if we got a dvd of BryGuy's standup included!  Because he's funny.  Funny in an "aces gonna ace" kind of way: 
  3. January 2016 NPD Release Today

    Amazing thread! "The numbers aren't out yet but this is where I expect you to discuss them when they do get released!"  No.    Not even a mynintendo or playstationlife link... Tsk tsk. 
  4. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

    This will probably be the last video put up by Gametrailers.  Bloodborne Review (Fixed):     Spoiler As fans of the site know, GT never gave a 10 as a review score.  Ian was particularly irked by Bloodborne not getting a 10.  Fixed part comes in at the end.  Any guesses what he fixed?!  
  5. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

      This sucks.  I have really enjoyed this crew over the last year plus.  I enjoyed their reviews (just watched Yarny whatever and Firewatch today), top tens, jolly cooperation just started and could have been a blast (was waiting for Katamari), the GT Time podcast was a fun waste of time, always enjoyed Kyle Bosman's work, Ben Moore is fun and insightful, Huber annoyed me but ultimately his contagious enthusiasm won me over, Ian did good work (when he tried), and Blood (currently on his honeymoon, imagine this news...) had similar thoughts as I did on all racers.  Jones seemed like a fun guy to work for and bummer for all of them and I hope they stay in the industry or pull some kindafunny regrouping.   Good luck to them all.  Except Omar.  His mom is a dirty thief and he's proud of her for that.  Omar can eat shit!  The rest though are cool.     Edit:  Don too.  Don's Design Studio...
  6. Leave a rose for GameTrailers.

    Edit: Damn @Mr.Vic20's double penetration posts
  7. Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle is SEX

    If that's "SEX", then you must get with a lot of fugly chicks.  But I bet that PS4 is decent once you toss a brown paper bag over that too!   Cool controller color though.
  8. Getting near the end of The Order: 1886 (impressions)

    My favorite thing about The Order is that it's the one game where everybody desperately needs to share their opinion on how disappointing it is, especially if they never played it!   The game was good too.
  9. PS+ games for Feb!

        Wow.  That was unprovoked and unnecessary.  Congrats on demonstrating what an asshole you are capable of being!   Your definition of the word "opinion" is not correct by the way.  He said he wouldn't play them, not once was an opinion given.  But hey, at least he didn't call games that he has most definitely never played "garbage".  You'd really have to be a complete asshole to do something like that!...     ...one of my best posts in recent memory!  And it appears that after months of having zero communication with you, there's still a bug up your ass about me.  Feels good to have that kind of power over somebody's emotions!
  10. ~*SFLUFAN's Witness Weekend Giveaway*~

    wiener   Edit: you won't let me win, but in case you make a mistake, give it to my Canadian friend before me. ^^^
  11. So how long did The Witness take you to beat?  Is there a counter in game that tells you how many puzzles you completed or a percentage?   And that's what worried me about that game, just giving up and cheating.  I feel like I do that with puzzlers lately, and I fear that I would be checked out waaaaaay before the 40 hour mark I hear people saying it takes.
  12. Thinking about buying an X1 Update

    @SimpleG   http://deals.kinja.com/this-might-be-the-best-xbox-one-deal-weve-ever-seen-1755695769   XB1 Gears bundle (which is all of the Gears games if I'm not mistaken), Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Forza Horizon 2, a handy, and a $30 gifty all for tree fiddy!  A hell of a deal!
  13. Destiny Discussion - Year 2

    Don't you know @Triage, summoning me into this thread will piss a lot of people off?   I do have the flawless raider, first one from D1P to get it! But with how much Destiny has changed since I got it over a year ago, I don't know if my out of date tips would help you.  Make sure everybody is level 30, has maxed Ice Breakers, and a couple Gallahorns, push the Templar off during his fight, and keep the same three people far back during the Atheon fight so the same people get summoned each time!  Easy, just don't miss any jumps!   I bet reading those outdated tips is like opening a time capsule!   Honestly, from what I've heard, the Crota raid is actually easier to get flawless on.  There were even some cheese methods where you could solo flawless it but I'd bet those are long since patched.  Whatever you do, good luck and let me know if you get it!
  14. February 2016 Driveclub Update Will be Packed With Content

      The thing I find most interesting about the article you linked to is actually another article within it:   http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12/22/city-tracks-teased-for-driveclub-coming-in-2016   City Tracks Teased for Driveclub, Coming in 2016   Evolution has teased Driveclub players with several images of new tracks headed to the game in 2016. The images appear to hint that the new tracks will be set in more built-up and potentially urban environments, which would be a contrast to the game’s existing tracks (which are largely draped across sparsely-populated countryside). Four images containing glimpses of the new tracks were posted on the Driveclub Twitter feed.         I follow THIS GENERATION'S BEST RACER closely but how did I miss this?!  You see this Sev?!  Your wishes appear to have been answered!  Driveclub absolutely is Sony's PGR!       THIS GENERATION'S BEST RACER JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!!!   Edit: Just saw that the fine developers of Driveclub released a free PS4 theme last month.  Here you go folks: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/themes/driveclub-static-theme-/cid=UP9000-CUSA00093_00-ETH0000000000202  
  15. Battlefront January update will not include new map.

      Two years and $140 should make any game lacking content actually good!   And Destiny launched with 8 maps?  That you actually got to play?  Oh really?!  You have to be counting specific playlist maps because you'd play all day long and only get a rotation of five.  Sometimes the same map would even repeat itself three times in a row!  But you're right, you can't forget that one weekend each month when Bungie was kind enough to let people play salvage to get another map in the rotation, yippee!   My point still stands.  Destiny apologists faulting other shooters for launching with a lack of content are quite the delusional specimens!  Talking about how good Destiny currently is just solidifies that point.