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  1. Having recently played through Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, and Pac-Man 256, meethinks I gots to have this.  Loved CE and DX too.   And "new madness"...  You see that Pix the Cat inception stuff on display here @Hawk2025?!  This is gonna be good...
  2.   LOVE that game!  LOVE it!  Too bad the servers got shut down because the multiplayer was really awesome too.  Such a good game!  Ghostbusters was one of the very fist video games I ever showed to my nephew, who just now happens to be an avid gamer like his cool uncle.  It was the fight with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and his jaw was dropped just staring at it.  Fun memory, fun game!
  3. The answer is Severed.  Ya'll a bunch of pudwhacks because on my last count, there were only two of us here who played it.   Pudwhacks!
  4. Purchased yet another Vita

    I love my Vita so much that I'm thinking about getting another one too.  I want the yellow one from Japan!
  5. Join the DayOnePatch PS4 community!

    I wanted to transfer ownership to somebody else but Sony in their infinite wisdom took that option out in one of the system updates.  The only way to do it now is to delete the community and have the new person start it over again.  Sev's got it now and he should be sending invites back out to you guys.  @Mr.Vic20, you can unsticky this thread.  Peace I'm out!  
  6. Games that hyped you up the most?

    The most recent game I was super hyped about was Destiny.   Womp.  Womp..  Womp... 
  7. July PS+: Furi and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell

    I was hoping Furi would be PS+ in that thread where you didn't have your shit together!   Excited for Gat Out of Hell, and interested in those Vita games too.  Great PS+ and GWG month!       I mean, it's all garbage.  Where's Knack?
  8.   Why haven't you fixed your shit yet?!  July 19th   Speaking of you missing July titles, Furi looks very interesting:     It's a boss rush type of game.  I read about some bosses taking 15-20 minutes, some are bullet hell, some are pure swordplay, and some are both.  And if this video gives anybody an Afro Samurai vibe, it's because the character designer for that series did the work here.   Not for sure on this one, but definitely watching out for it.  And with it landing on the 5th, it just might be a PS+ title...   PS: fixyoshitkthnxbia.
  9. My most anticipated release is one you carelessly left off of your list.  Gal Gun Double Peace is coming to NA in July!  Fix your shit stoopidestguyever.   Seeing as I need to complete Arkham Asylum two more times (four if it gets a Japanese list), the Arkham Collection is a necessity.  Song of the Deep will be mine too.   But it's all about making Japanese school girls cream their jeans for me next month!    
  10. Woman that killed man over PS4 sentenced

      Looks like this guy would kill for a Neo!
  11. PSN Flash Sale is Live Save up to 80% til 6/27

    I've been waiting for The Swindle to go cheap for a long time, nice!   @SmartestGuyEver - remember our thoughts on CounterSpy?  How we loved the stealth and hated how it became a gunner?  Look into The Swindle.  Might be just up your alley.   Edit: eh, the controls are kind of clunky.  Trying to work through them...
  12. Remember when you used to like racing games?

    After the genre peaked with Pocketbike Racer, it all went downhill.  
  13. The Def Star is Going to Need a Bigger Closet

    Edit: Sucks you can't customize the colors of the ABXY buttons.  The design I want would look awesome...
  14. "Horizon: Zero Dawn - Better With Neo!"   Either way, day-um!