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  1. The Last Guardian reviews are coming in

      How's the feel/heft to it? Does it feel light and plasticy or does it feel more solid than that?   I'm about three hours in. I'm glad I recently played ICO and Shadow because it allowed me to be prepared for the camera/controls being sluggish. So it's met my expectations there! Really annoying when the game kind of "flashes" and corrects a camera or loads a new angle/area. I really don't like it as it's a bit jarring.   So with that said, I am absolutely loving this game! That damn birdcatdogthing is just fun to watch! Once he went around a corner and when I approached him to see what he was doing, he came out and seemed shamed. I expected to see a big ol' dookie waiting for me but nah! The lack of doodie was quite disappointing. I don't know what he was doing but I bet he was doing something naughty over there!   Great so far, I'm loving it! Stupid work tomorrow means I have to stop playing. Damned responsibilities.
  2. Polygon -- Knack 2’s biggest surprise: It’s a lot of fun

    When I saw the blue guy jump into the mix, I was sold. I have the first Knack, but never played it. I know it has co-op, but it seemed like Mario Galaxy co-op. Meaning, one person has fun, the other waggles their wang around. Two Knacks mean the gf and I will mindlessly bash shit around and have a good time doing it.   In!
  3. Two PS4s One House

      It seems complicated but in practice, it's pretty straightforward. Make his PS4 your profile's primary PS4, but feel free to make purchases wherever you'd like. That doesn't matter. He'll be able to play your games (get him is own profile to make it easy) on his PS4 and you're able to play your games on any and every PS4 your profile logs into. To get your purchases on his console, you or him just need to simply log in on his PS4 with your profile, go to the store/library, and start the download. You can log off right away too, as long as the download starts, you're good to go.
  4. Two PS4s One House

    Eventide, there is only one post you need to read in this thread: mine.   Will I be able to keep my purchased games on both consoles? Yes, here's how. The console in your son's room will need to be activated as your PSN ID's primary console. Any profile on that PS4 will be able to access your purchased games. They will however need your profile to log on to download said games/content to this console in order to access them first. That means your Pro will not be your primary console. As long as you're online with your Pro, your profile will be able to access all of your games/content, but other profiles on your Pro would not be able to access them (as it's not your primary).   Can you be signed in on both at the same time? No. Logging into your PSN ID on one console will log you off of the other.   What kind of problems will it cause if I'm playing signed in on one and he signs in on the other? See above.   Also wondered about that one after the transfer. Like would it be able to re download games I've purchased. See my first reply. As long as your PSN ID logs in, you can manage your library on whatever console you would like. Example: if you travel and use a dozen PS4s, as long as you're logged in, you can download and play all of your stuff wherever you go.   So he basically needs his own profile but will still be able to play games I've bought on it? If you followed what I said above, yes. This would be ideal anyways right? With how I've tried to explain it, you can basically buy a game once and have two profiles play together on separate consoles. What would be more fun than playing a game with your son?! So get him his own profile. If you need to, there are parental controls that I have no idea how to use but a quick google search can help you there.   Extras: -it's really easy to switch primaries under settings as long as you have your consoles. If you sell your console, it explodes, gets stolen, whatever, you will need Sony to switch around your primaries and you can only do that once every 6 months. But doing it yourself, you can do it 6 times in a minute if you so desire. -after getting him his own PSN ID, make the Pro his primary console. That way, you will also be able to access any content he buys on your system and you'll both be able to continue to play together! -you're welcome!
  5. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Yikes, thanks for the heads up on that one. But I wanted it to be good...   Best Buy just started a buy 2 get 1 free promotion so I grabbed Batman VR and Rush of Blood. I don't feel like making a thread about the deal, so someone feel free if they want. But yay for two VR games coming!
  6. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    I tried re-downloading the RE7 demo to try VR but the PSN store was being stupid. I'll try again tomorrow. I want to see this in VR!   Anybody here have any experience with Surgeon Simulator VR? I know the normal game is a fumble core gem, but I'd love to have just a little bit more control over everything. But I heard the PC version of the VR game was a smaller game than the original.   Anybody here have SuperHyperCube? Did you have to turn the bloom and brightness waaayyy down like I did? It was almost blinding for me, and I already have my VR brightness turned down in the defaults.   Is Werewolves Within on anybody's radar? A friend told me of its existence and after looking into it more, it could be a really fun The Thing/Hateful 8 type of 'watch the tells and spot the liars' type of game. Too bad I don't know four to seven friends who would also be able to grab this.   I still gotta grab Keep Talking...
  7. I thoroughly enjoy this show. Just a bunch of fans flipping out... good times.     Have we seen Matterfall yet? These guise are good...   Any idea how much Surgeon Simulator VR is going to be? Excited for that one!
  8. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

      Forgot to mention that I had purchased the physical version of REZ a few months back. Last I heard, it's getting shipped to us in the middle of December. Area X...
  9. The PS VR Thread - Let's talk about it

    Welp, I saw a launch bundle sitting in a store showcase during Thanksgiving, and after going back and forth, had to get it.   So it's been a while now since a few of you bought this, what are some of your favorite games to play on PSVR? I've only messed around with the demo disc thus far. Tumble was fun, Superhypercube demo seems to be shut down , Rush of Blood was really fun, Eve was a much shorter demo than in retail stores, and Driveclub made me have to take the headset off before I could finish the lap.   I think I'll start with Batman and Rush of Blood for now.
  10. Geometry Wars.   And if that's not your thing, Geometry Wars 2.   And if that still doesn't do it for you, Geometry Wars 3.
  11. The only sentence that should begin with "Telltales" and end with " ! " should have the words "...fixed their engine" in it.
  12. PSVR, color me impressed!

    I have recently convinced myself to purchase one of these, but there's only one problem: I want the launch bundle and it appears to be truly a launch bundle. I haven't seen any restocks on this and it makes me a sad panda. FYI, I'm looking at amazon due to gifties I have waiting to be used specifically for this.   So if the launch bundle is truly just for a launch offering, I'll end up waiting for another bundle. Maybe by then I can grab Worlds for a nickel!
  13. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Announce Trailer

      I recall hearing that some of them are cinematics, which is fine by me. And I always play games/ watch movies in the order they were released. So I'll start in order, if one game isn't jiving for me, I'll catch a retrospective and move on. But I, II, and III, I'm definitely interested in!
  14. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Announce Trailer
  15. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – Announce Trailer

      Oh wow. I think I'll go through I and II, and take it from there. A package with over 300 hours of gameplay is pretty amazing, but first world problems don't give me that much time!