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  1. don't know why nintendo couldn't figure this out with a new design years after the switch release. for now it seems like I'll be replacing sticks every 6-9 months for the life of the switch. the lites sticks don't look easily replaceable like the joycons too.
  2. I set up an account for me on both of my boys switches so that I can log in and buy stuff for them. Wanted their accounts to be offline for the time being as they are younger...Anyways, whenever I log in with my account and buy games the switch does a check to see if they can play it and then it prompts their accounts to log in and purchase the game. I've read online that this shouldn't be the case that they should be able to play whatever games are on the switch. Any ideas on how to fix this? Also, can I buy a game once and then download it on to both switches? I bought two copies of games so far as I couldn't figure this part out.
  3. Will this things sticks get the drift failure too? Going to need to buy new controllers for both of my kids switches here soon and from what I've read it's only going to happen with the replacements as well.
  4. cool, I'm not really in any hurry. this just keeps me from watching movies or playing games in my theater room for the time being.
  5. I've just always been an intel guy, do you think that intel prices might go down after amd does their thing?
  6. Would you recommend LGA 2066 now or is it not much of a performance difference from LGA 1151(300) products? I'm past the interest of overclocking anymore but want to headroom if it's needed. Right now after looking at 2066 stuff I have the following (around 1200) ASUS Prime X299-A i7-9800X with Corsair H115i Platinum watercooler Corsair 32 (4x8) DDR4-3200 1151/300 (Around 700) Asus Prime Z370-A i7-9700KF with my current Corsair H110 Extreme Corsair 32 (4x8) DDR4-3200 Might still RMA this board so I can throw it in my office PC
  7. My Asus Z97-Pro died and won't boot anymore thanks to normally ocurring power/brown outs. Can only seem to find used of the same model and if I don't I'll have to toss a perfectly good i7 4790k in the trash. Thinking about just sending $35 and the board in the mail to them to troubleshoot for an RMA.
  8. This is one of those games that you watch on youtube when you get bored...doesn't seem fun to play
  9. it ended up being caused by using HDMI cables instead of display port. ended up moving my 1080 over to my office pc to test since I can't even get my HTPC to trigger power at all. Think the motherboard randomly died.
  10. You can see an odd blue effect on the bad pictures. The black background lighting is just from the picture. Hurts my eyes on the bad one. Its more obvious in the smaller text
  11. So I've had my first copy of this monitor for almost a year now and have loved it ever setting it up. I decided to get a second and throw them on a two arm stand but the second monitor is having a halo effect to text. It's most noticeable with white text on black background but you can see it in black on white too. It's like I need to run the windows font tool where you select the best looking square but when I use this it doesn't change the halo appearance. Never had to return a monitor so I was hoping that there are some troubleshooting options? Unplugged, restarted, reinstalled display drivers, played with advanced appearance settings. Good Bad Good Bad
  12. you really should get one, they're fun to slap around from time to time.
  13. does this thing just blast your shit chunks all over the back of your sack? seems like it would splatter it all over the place.
  14. This one is definitely a solid contender, can clean inside and outside...
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