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  1. nice, I never played heavy rain.
  2. mach250

    Consumer Technology LG OLED 65” C8PUA - good?

    I bought the 65E7P and love it, first 4k tv and the OLED tech is definitely giving me that extra wow factor. Audio is amazing too without an external system.
  3. mach250

    Anyone have a roomba?

    I was hoping that it'd be a faster calonic
  4. mach250

    Anyone have a roomba?

    Guys at work brought this up so I picked up the 890 but after reading about the camera on the 900 series I'm thinking about taking it back for the upgrade. Anyone have a 960/80 and feel that its more efficient at getting around? I started up the 890 and it seems to just randomly bounce around and drives past debris that it catches 15 minutes later when it randomly gets to it.