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Today is the Last Day for Puzzle Fighter Mobile


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Puzzle Fighter iOS and Android is getting its plug pulled this week in record time. Capcom launched the new mobile port in November of 2017 worldwide and here we are just nine months later welcoming the cold embrace of its death. The game will officially shut down on July 31, so you have today to enjoy it before you go back to any other version of it.



So for those who downloaded it already (you can't download it anymore) enjoy your last few moments with the game. :rose:

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7 hours ago, Biggie said:

All two of you. 




That being said I kept it installed for this very moment. Didn't play it yesterday, guess I'll have the joy of uninstalling it. :p


That being said I did warm up to the game after a while. Some changes I didn't like, like how to win you deplete the other person's life bars. (which I guess is the whole game) Graphic style left something to be desired. The gameplay was there but unfortunately gem blocks were linked to your special moves so if you had a big block it was meaningless unless you had a move that corresponded to it. I know these brief impressions make it sound like I didn't like it at all, but I did like it some. It certainly wasn't something that needed to have the plug pulled after less than a year.

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