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Destiny 2 Thoughts after coming to it way, way late


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I recently got into Destiny 2. Keep in mind, I've owned it since it was released, played it for about an hour the first time, and then I shelved it. Then Bungie pushed it from Battle.net to Steam, and because I'm a completionist, I moved my account over, and of course, didn't play it. Then, bored out of my mind because I had just finished writing my latest novel, I was looking for a game to play, got bogged down in the boredom of Star Trek Online, and then out of the blue just noticed the game in my Steam folder and said, "why not?" So, I bought up all the expansions, the matching set of buttons, flashing key chain, and some service that said "we'll also massage your grandma". So, I bought everything, and I started to play.


Okay, simple things: I like the game. Took forever to get somewhat used to it, as I'm not a shooter type of player. But literally a week and a half later, I'm having daily fun.


So, here are a couple of questions, and observations:


1. I hate pvp. With a passion. Maybe it's my PTSD from being pk'd in Ultima Online back in 1970 (or whenever that was), but I just hate pvp. I don't like killing the avatars of real people either. It's zero fun to me. So, this is probably one of my biggest negatives towards the game because a LOT of the content appears to be geared around activities that are basically pvp (crucible, gambit, and so much more).


2. I'm at about 1010 skill right now, and I have zero idea how to increase further. It was going up really fast before, but it's stuck now, mostly.


3. I don't have a clan, which I suspect would help a lot of things, because the game is really frustrating as just a solo player. I don't even know how to successfully find one. I got sent an invite once by someone, but there were like 3 people in his clan, and that was about as bad as just playing solo. Do WE have a clan built up in the game and active? If so, send me an invite (I'm little_sarbonn in the game; yeah, quite a surprise for a name, huh?).


4. Part of me is thinking I'm just touching the surface of this genre of games, so if you know of any others out there that are action-oriented and with a huge player base, and it's fun, please let me know. Basically, something like Destiny 2 with very limited (or non-existent) pvp, would be great. The game actually reminds me a lot of Defiance, but with a lot more territory to traverse, and a much larger player base. The recent re-launch of Defiance is a travesty of what the previous game was, kind of like the enhancement we got from the New Game Experience in Star Wars Galaxies. Devs can sometimes be really, really good at destroying what made a game actually good.


Anyway, thanks for the one person who might have got through this wall of text. And as a result of being the ONLY survivor, you will be rewarded the special ANKH OF CLARITY, which will be provided by Bethesda's Technical Support in their usual timely fashion.

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2. 1010 light level is pretty much near the cap. I guess the new season raised the cap to 1050 and you need pinnacle gear to raise it.


3. I'm in a "clan" but I've never played with anyone in a clan. I've played mostly with my friend. I think Clans really are only good for raids and you get some free gear every week so it's worth joining one for the gear and not much beyond that. @Anzo has some discord thing you can join if you want to play with people.


Anyway, pity reply and :shameonyou: for not using the thread.

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