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After Life

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Has anyone else here been watching After Life, Ricky Gervais's latest Netflix project? I thought we had talked about it on this board somewhere but I couldn't find a topic. Season 2 just launched on Netflix about a month ago.


Here's a trailer for season 1 (NSFW language warning):




I love the humanity and dark humor. Lots of existential questions handled with heart.  :cry:<3 


Has anyone else been watching this?

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I watched and loved the first season. Kind of waiting to watch the new season (and was renewed for a 3rd season) because of the loss of my Aunt from Covid. Still the writing was great in the first season and his reasoning for one how he see's the upside to grim news. Loved his reasoning when talking back to the ladies about the girl being attacked and having to deal with the facial scar for life,  but she’s alive. I hope to get to the 2nd season in due time and will report back once watched. 

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