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Best RAM to pair with a Ryzen 1700x?

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Hey all.


I picked up a 1700x and it's been some time since I've had an AMD CPU. I recall many years ago that RAM speed was somewhat important for certain CPUs (or APUs?). Is that still the case? No real budget. Whatever is best within reason. I want 16GB but if $100 gets me 3% performance, I'm probably going to save the $100.


If it matters, this is going on an mITX mobo in an HTPC and gaming is most definitely a thing, VR included.


Taking mobo recommendations too I guess. Probably going ASrock or Gigabyte as they are around $150. M.2 slot is a must. Bonus points if anyone can point out in pictures where the m.2 drive fits on an mITX board. It's plainly obvious on my regular ATX board but can't find the slot in pics.

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Every game is different, too, so there could always be that one game that really loves RAM speed.  Fallout 4 is a good example.  So while it doesn't make sense to spend $100 for the fastest RAM, I do think it makes sense to spend $10 for the middle of the road RAM speed.  Always stay away from the slow RAM.

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I ended up with 3000mhz RAM. All is well. This CPU is a beast.


I made mistakes with some part selection for this build and learned some lessons:


1. If building mITX and the case is especially small, consider low profile RAM. This affected the orientation of the CPU cooler rad. Having even 1/8" shorter RAM would have allowed a much easier mount.

2. Even if the mITX case fits standard PSUs, buy ones that are shorter. I bought a 6.5" PSU (EVGA 550 Gold/modular). I absolutely should have bought a 5.5" (Seasonic makes a gold/modular one this size). Fitting that + the Corsair H60 CPU cooler (this case requires a low profile fan or water cooler) was a nightmare. Almost gave up. There is about 1/4" clearance between the rad fan and the PSU in this thing.


This is the case:



It was $45CAD. I couldn't resist. It has no dust filters at all (I have pets who shed like it's their job) but otherwise is nice for the price.


I may still buy a shorter PSU down the road due to stress on the H60 tubes as it is now.

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