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  1. I know but where are they now? Toshiba bought OCZ and that may have been the end of that story as part of restructuring. OCZ PSUs were overall a mixed bag and I don't think most ended up matching PCP&C quality.
  2. I can vouch for EVGA PSUs. Most of them are rebranded Seasonics which are top-shelf. I have three in use right now. One (1000w) is mining ethereum. The other two (850 and 550) are in gaming PCs. All are modular. All gold. Two are G2, one is G3. They are quiet, modular, have a nice build to them, good warranty (5 or 7 years usually), and reviews are all great. I did quite a bit of research 4-5 years ago when building because PCP&C didn't seem to exist anymore
  3. They're both just codes in the box or the disc just has an installer to download everything Last two I did were Overwatch and Titanfall 2. Had to download the entire game. FYI I like the original MSI laptop. 0.7" thick and a 1070 and only 4lbs. A few of the others were quite a bit thicker and heavier. I'm one to lean towards paying a premium and going high-end though but $2000USD is a lot. If you intend to mostly connect the system to a TV and use a controller, size and weight are irrelevant and the one with a GTX 1060 will be fine to run most games well.
  4. Damn reading this is painful. I can't even try to relate. We don't get much in the way of fires, flooding, earthquakes, or any natural disasters up here in Ontario, Canada (we had a few fires up north this Summer and some out west in the past year or two but but I am in Toronto). Interested to see how your insurance company will handle your gaming collection if you don't have pictures of everything or how the value of each item is more difficult to determine. I've never had to make a claim on property except for my car when someone hit it and it was written off (no injuries for anyone thankfully). Do you think you'll move back to the same neighborhood or nearby? Build a new home or buy existing? Being uprooted like this must be awful. Like you've described, I'd be dumbfounded on where to even start. Keep your stick on the ice down there. Hopefully you get a laptop soon to help with the downtime.
  5. I am terrible at this. I've played 10 games and lost every fight. Normally I'm fairly good at FPS games. Am I getting old? And enemies take a ton of shots. I'm having trouble reliably finding guns. And because they are not familiar per real-world guns, I have no idea what anything is. All the rifles look the same. All the SMGs look the same. Some of the assault rifles look like sniper rifles and vice versa. Would I recognize most guns if I played old BLOPS games? And with it all just lying on the floor I find it hard to know what's what until I stand on top of it and look at it. I hate to compare it to Fortnite but their cartoony way of everything floating with a glow is much more appreciated having played this. And when I turn on vsync to get rid of the tearing, mouse movement is laggy. If I turn it off, tear city. Basically, Freesync isn't working.
  6. I was kind of bored too. Not sure what map I was in but it was in a city with water ways. It was all soldier-focused. Each side has like one tank and one truck. A lot of running around and a lot of dying from people camping corners and windows and stairs. I played all this in other Battlefield games for the last 15 years. But now I can sprint towards a door and smash it open. I also feel like any class but the recon and assault class are pretty garbage. There were supply piles everywhere making support class almost useless. 2 mines? A crappy 25-round assault rifle where it would auto-bipod EXACTLY when I didn't want it to (in the middle of a firefight)? The medic's gun may as well be a paintball gun. Completely outclassed by everything. To add insult to injury, the medic gets a grenade launcher but to calling it a grenade would be an overstatement. Landing a round within a few feet of some guy does like 40 damage. And even more insulting is that it's one of those grenades fired from a kar98 or whatever...so you have the kar98 to launch the grenade but not to shoot normal bullets. Also, weapons are not exclusive to armies. Both sides get the sten. Both sides get the STG44. Both sides get the British sniper rifle. Not even going to just use historically accurate default guns and give them the same stats for each army or anything. Coming from a massive amount of Fortnite, this game sure is pretty though. Fortnite looks beautiful in its own right but going back to something that is kind of photorealistic is quite refreshing.
  7. This all sounds good on paper but Battlefield (and COD) are very much a die-respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn-die-respawn affair and a very low TTK is a big part of that. Are we all going to be running around a big open map dying in one or two hits from some guy prone in some rubble because it's hard to identify anything? I'm very skeptical of both this and COD trying to do BR. Fortnite and PUBG have done very well with longer combat/low TTK and Fortnite has especially done well because there is basically no such thing as long or medium distance spam which means you can close distance to actually engage your enemy as opposed to dying from them the second you step out. Fortnite also has a ton of zany items to help close distance to engage on a more even playing field. The idea of vehicles and squading up with 3 other friends with graphics like this sounds cool but I don't think it's going to dethrone the popular modes. And if the player count is not consistently in the tens of thousands and you can't queue up in a minute or two, the mode will be in a death spiral.
  8. For now. If the price goes back up people will mine. Those that do the math will realize it's better to take that $1500 and just buy 5 Ether than buy hardware to mine because to mine 5 Ether would likely take 2 years. Network hashrate for Ethereum has not dropped hardly at all even though the price has dropped by like 75%. https://etherscan.io/chart/hashrate
  9. FYI Overwatch will bottleneck older quad-core CPUs. He may not get 60fps even on low details with a CPU that old. Not saying that 60fps is required obviously but in a really twitchy, fast game like Overwatch, it helps a lot. How big is this "micro tower" he's got? Will it fit a regular-size GPU? Sounds like it because of the 4850 but these newer GPUs are probably longer. Because the CPU is so old, I recommend a better GPU he can use in a new system when he decides to rebuild. 1060/570/580 minimum.
  10. I ended up with 3000mhz RAM. All is well. This CPU is a beast. I made mistakes with some part selection for this build and learned some lessons: 1. If building mITX and the case is especially small, consider low profile RAM. This affected the orientation of the CPU cooler rad. Having even 1/8" shorter RAM would have allowed a much easier mount. 2. Even if the mITX case fits standard PSUs, buy ones that are shorter. I bought a 6.5" PSU (EVGA 550 Gold/modular). I absolutely should have bought a 5.5" (Seasonic makes a gold/modular one this size). Fitting that + the Corsair H60 CPU cooler (this case requires a low profile fan or water cooler) was a nightmare. Almost gave up. There is about 1/4" clearance between the rad fan and the PSU in this thing. This is the case: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00ID2FBU6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was $45CAD. I couldn't resist. It has no dust filters at all (I have pets who shed like it's their job) but otherwise is nice for the price. I may still buy a shorter PSU down the road due to stress on the H60 tubes as it is now.
  11. Mmm. Thanks for that link. Guess RAM still isn't all that exciting.
  12. Hey all. I picked up a 1700x and it's been some time since I've had an AMD CPU. I recall many years ago that RAM speed was somewhat important for certain CPUs (or APUs?). Is that still the case? No real budget. Whatever is best within reason. I want 16GB but if $100 gets me 3% performance, I'm probably going to save the $100. If it matters, this is going on an mITX mobo in an HTPC and gaming is most definitely a thing, VR included. Taking mobo recommendations too I guess. Probably going ASrock or Gigabyte as they are around $150. M.2 slot is a must. Bonus points if anyone can point out in pictures where the m.2 drive fits on an mITX board. It's plainly obvious on my regular ATX board but can't find the slot in pics.
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