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I'm in so much pain right now!


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I have a tooth that needs to be removed but i have to wait two weeks to afford $363 to have it removed. Luckily i was able to get some antibiotics for the infection because my face swelled up! It's horrible when the pain is in my jaw but it goes up my face and gives me a headache also. I keep applying ice and taking Ibuprofen for pain relief. I think this is just the beginning of stuff i need to get done to my teeth over the next few months but they want to focus on this first. :nervous:

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OUCH, I have been there! You have my absolute sympathy! I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. I'm lying of course, I wish Trump would wake up with 32 of those every day until he learned humility as a human, but I digress! I really hope you get that addressed ASAP! 

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8 hours ago, Rachel said:

you inspire me to be slightly less shitty of a person 


That's the right direction! Life is full of pain  and reasons to not be better, but you have to find your own reasons to want to let that pain go. For me it was that no one in my life was particularly good or kind, and when my daughter was born, I felt the true weight of awareness in the fact that if I didn't show her love, she would ultimately be less capable of expressing love herself. So I tried, and I failed because I was angry and it all made me feel tired, stressed, fake, and incompetent. Bit by bit though, it changed for the better. I wanted things for someone that wasn't me and it help guide me out of my own head. I'm not saying its easy mind you, just that its possible. And you are certainly bright enough to to get there! 


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