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Free Game - The Coma: Recut


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OK, so first play impressions:


  • Fun story premise, even though they kind of beat you over the head with the "mystery" pretty early on.
  • Controls smoothly for the most part.  Reactions are kind of slow for a few things though (for example you need to just about completely stop walking/running to interact with things which can cause you to take unnecessary damage as you line up to a door or stairwell or something you are trying to enter).  But overall controls competently.
  • Definitely an unpolished indie game.  I've already had to restart the game twice to escape game-breaking bugs mostly related to out-of-bounds conditions.
  • The art is pretty well done.
  • The writing...oh gods the writing.  It's pretty bad.  It feels like a young American writing a Japanese style story about Koreans.  It's like someone has a fascination with Asian culture and wrote bad fanfic.
  • All that said, it's fun.  If you can look past the bad writing and learn to avoid accidentally going OOB this is a neat little 2D survival game.  Ample saving opportunities, which are needed and appreciated.  An interesting, if simple, dodge-n-hide system.  I'm looking forward to getting back to it and finishing it off.

Thanks, Keyser!

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