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Brian 'Road Dogg' James resigns as head writer of WWE Smackdown

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Sources cited James' increasing frustration with changes made to the Smackdown scripting by Vince McMahon with James finally hitting a "breaking point" at this past Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Brooklyn, NY.


On his Twitter account yesterday, James wrote, "Today I pray that I face the change, that is inevitably coming, head on and with faith and courage. The only constant is change! #HOPE #FAITH #OUDK"


There is no word who may be replacing James in the role, although several WWE sources stated that the way creative is currently driven, the lead writer is more of a formality today vs. a specific voice that drives the show as everything pitched comes through the team for that series to Vince McMahon, is then approved (or shot down) by McMahon, who then tweaks the series all the way to the actual taping - as late as during the taping.  






The veteran performer has been a writer for WWE since 2012 and in his current position since 2014. Insider’s sources tell them James has been frustrated with Vince McMahon making changes to the show’s script. If you follow what is advertised for the Tuesday night broadcast versus what makes the air (something wrestlers themselves joke and complain about online), this checks out. April 9’s episode in Brooklyn was said to be the “breaking point” for the D-O-Double G.



Insider’s other story isn’t as big a name, but it’s an even wilder tale. On the WrestleMania recap edition of his Xpac12360 podcast, new inductee Sean Waltman told a story about a writer getting fired at the Hall of Fame because Bret Hart mentioned Vince McMahon’s name during his speech. Apparently, there’s a long-standing edict to not mention Vince or his backstage role during the ceremony, and The Hitman’s anecdote about the boss liking The Hart Foundation did not go over well with McMahon. Writer Robert Evans, who produced the segment featuring Bret’s speech, took the fall for it and was allegedly fired in gorilla on the night of the event.


Wonder if he'll stay with WWE in some form or if he'll join Billy Gunn at AEW.

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Well that latter part makes sense about all the shenanigans of DX making Vince jokes for 5 minutes during their speech. As for Road Dogg leaving, I could totally see him going with Billy over to AEW so long as there's a spot for him. May be a little too late for Double or Nothing but just in time for the fall TV deal allegedly hitting Tuesday nights once Smackdown moves back to Friday's.

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