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Early previews of Toy Story 4's first 15 minutes are really good

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From one respected source:



Disney showed the first 15 minutes of Toy Story 4, and if TS3 didn’t make it clear that these movies aren’t really meant for children, what they are going for with TS4 should.


These are films for adults that kids can also enjoy. The movie looks great.


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If you've ever wished that sweet family films would have more existential despair in them, Toy Story 4 may be for you. And not just because of Forky.





Toy Story 4 Begins by Tying Up Loose Ends and Raising the Emotional Stakes

Toy Story 3 has the perfect ending. Everyone knows this. Even the people at Pixar know it. At CinemaCon 2019, Toy Story 4 producer Jonas Rivera came out and explained that, yes, Toy Story 3 has a great ending, but it’s an ending to Andy’s arc. The Toy Story films have always been about Woody first and foremost so that’s where the seeds for Toy Story 4 began. Give Woody his story.





Forky is basically Pixar's answer to Frankenstein's creature.





‘Toy Story 4’ footage dazzles CinemaCon, but Will Smith’s ‘Aladdin’ Genie is less magical





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Cinema Blend has a theory about TS4 that I'd like to share with you. I should probably spoiler mark it.



Based on trailers, one of the employees at CB wonders if Bo Peep may be the villain in the upcoming movie. Their article states we don't know what happened to Bo, she looks more badass with her cane being a weapon, and the TS series has a long history of abandonment leading to a character cracking. What fascinated me about the theory is that, while Stinky Pete and Lotso were both like this, Bo Peep is an established character, and a "heel turn" would be pretty nuts for me.

They've also done this in other films, though again, it hasn't been from an established character of the series.


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Just now, sblfilms said:

I think there is a good chance that she functions in such a way.


God, I went from worried the movie might taint the perfect TS3 ending (and honestly perfect movie for me) to ecstatic about its release. I'm sitting at my desk like



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